Thursday, January 18, 2007

Doing well

Austin started taking Spanish classes and each day he comes home trying to talk to me...he tells me that I have to communicate with him in Spanish from now on....Well he only know like 10 words so there won't be no communicating there huh? He got his report card and got all straight A's expect for a B in Science I asked him why and he said that on a test someone asked him something so was talking and the teacher ripped up the test for a score of ZERO....Well that is what happens when you are in the real world I told him. He was at the Orthodontist yesterday and you have to sign in for your appt. and the nurse told Austin that this girl signed in after him and she saw his name on the log and said, "Austin Hallows, he's HOT!" He was like doing some funky dance saying I'm HOT, I'm HOT....he is his father for sure!

Colton's vocabulary is amazing....some frequent words he is now trying to incorporate into his speech. Impossible, Awesome, and FREAKing. He says them somewhat in the correct speech pattern but you understand what he means most of the time. Kade and Colton are in the is jungle gym play class together and Colton took to it immediately...running the class, the most vocal, tells stories about everything the teacher mentions...etc...Kade, he stood on the side lines with his hands in his jean pockets watching ever move that was made...he wasn't too interested in participating...but when he did Colton made sure that he told the teacher to NOT hurt his brother, Kade.

Steve renched his back the other day...He said, "I sure do miss your mom's backrubs now". He couldn't even get out of bed. I had to call the Dr. and have them call in meds so he could move. He is up and moving but not at full capacity yet. He had a chiro appt. today and a massage scheduled for tommorrow so we will see how the weekend ends up so we can go have some fun in the snow.

I am doing fine not as busy right now thankfully since I am taking January and February off from work for a break. I am enjoying my boys more and more each day...They are always making me smile or laugh at the funny or not so funny things they do. Colton wants to snowboard everyday although I don't let him since its been only 10 degrees for the past 10 days. It feels like the winters in CT that is why I left there in the first place. I hate it! I prefer it when it snows at least its pretty and cold.