Monday, November 21, 2011

Halloween and Perfect Weather = lots of candy for me!

The weather on Halloween was superb!  It truly was lovely,
and the amount of candy was very evident of the weather.  Grandma Sally gave out her traditional big candy bar, of course my boys went there a couple times and a few days after to get their special candy.
Colton has the same tongue action as his Dad does when he is intently doing something!  The pumpkin carving was fun this year, but next year I am getting my own pumpkin, I wanted to do my own thing and the boys wouldn't let me! 

Colton was a dead or hurt dirt biker but, his costume ideas and mine naturally were very opposite!  I did all his makeup and he went into the bathroom and rubbed most of it off!

I thought he looked fantastic????

See all the make up is now removed!

Kaden of course is much more amicable with things!  He let me do a dry run on his makeup on Saturday and I shouldn't have because the first time it looked way better!

Kaden was Dracula and I must say a might good looking one!

A few friends who live elsewhere came to enjoy the trick or treating in our neighborhood along with the rest of Heber Valley!  I bought 18 bags of candy and when we got back around 7:15 there were cars lined up in front of our house and I was done!  I shut the light and we had dinner!  My mom was with us this year and we sure enjoyed her time with us over at least one holiday! 

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