Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What do you do when home with flu?

We have been confined to the house since Monday and its been a pleasant and peaceful week. I got lots of things done around the house that I have had on my to do list but as far as the boys go, well they spent their days doing tons of workbook sheets aka their homework they called it and.........Kade turned into a photographer. See for yourself. There were tons of photos on the camera when I went to download them, he took pictures of the TV screen, the computer, some self portraits, some of me looking less than favorable since we didn't have to leave the house, I took full liberty of pajamas till much past noon, makeup and the chi didn't see me for days, hence the reason those are not posted.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Family History

This Sunday at church I participated in a Family History Genealogy class that they offered, it was perfect timing as I was thinking this winter I really need to work on my family history and the names that I have done already are almost completed. I am ready for the next stage and that I am sure, will be a bit more daunting of a task than the first round, but I am committed to it. I updated my files on the computer and in doing so, I had to add my sweet Avery Ann as a birth and a death, that just didn't look right to me on the computer, not right and not fair. But then I was sitting in class and our bishop gave me my records and I noticed that it was that exact day 6 years ago that I was sealed to my husband. That was a blessing to me as I was so sad already, but having the knowledge that I do about being together forever gave me a sense of peace and comfort. I will be with my Avery again as well as my entire family if I can continue to progress and get all the family names I can through the temple. I am so grateful that I have my husband and my boys that I need to remember that when I begin to feel the great loss of not having Avery here with us today. We miss her so much. She is truly not forgotten, each and every prayer that our boys say, has mention of her and how we will never forget her. They are so precious, we went to the pumpkin patch this weekend and they picked out their pumpkins of course they were so big I had to carry them as they couldn't and they picked out three tiny pumpkins for Avery's grave. But we grew some of our own this year and we brought her the tiniest one of the patch. They suggested we paint the pumkins pink...ah I think orange will be just fine.

We had such a great time at the pumpkin patch this weekend. The kids didn't want to leave.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thank you for the Miracle of Life!

I had the great honor to be a part of the birth of my dear friend, Jen's little boy, Krew Michael on Saturday, October 10th. Not only did I get to be a part of the birth but I gave him his middle name, which has my name in it spelled backwards.

What an amazing experience it was. Jen wanted to have Krew naturally, after I had Avery naturally. We both had epidurals for our first three....why not go out with a bang I guess we both thought. I have never been on the other pun intended there, of birth but I will say that it was a very neat experience. I am grateful for those who choose the medical field as a profession, including my wonderful & amazing sister who is a Nurse practioner and my stepmom who is the charge nurse of the Emergency room. Thank you! I think I like being a labor coach better than I would a nurse. I really thought after have 3 different doulas/labor coach myself, I was much different then they were, (no offense if you are reading this). I never said more positive, affirming things as I did for those 4 hours.....last night as I was going to bed, I was like you can do this Leah, close your eyes, its ok, out.... allow yourself to sleep now LOL!

When Krew finally arrived I thought, he is gorgeous and I mean gorgeous. He has lots and lots of dark brown curly hair. That must have explained the bottle of Tum's Jen wouldn't go anywhere without. He was also huge....for a natural birth 8 lbs. 14oz. WAY TO GO JEN and only 2 pushes.

Jen said with every contraction, she visualized Krew sitting on a cloud surrounded by all of those relatives that have passed, waiting to push him off the cloud into the loving arms of those waiting below. I can't tell you how that touched me, I know my little Avery is up there amongst her other family and friends doing the same thing, cheering them on and telling them to say hi to her mommy and daddy. Avery was there on Saturday not only helping Jen but helping me to be ok with this process and not scared or angry, too continue processing lossing her. It was a healing experience. I had tears in my eyes when I saw Krew's head coming out but when I turned toward Jen and saw her face look like it was going to blow up, I had to refocus quickly, that was until I saw little Krew's finger when he was in the warmer.......I cried again because they looked exactly like Avery's fingers, when she held my finger in her warming bed. Symen, Jen's husband, put his arm around me, no words were said, just peace felt.

Jen, thank you for this chance to continue to heal my own heart and be a part of this new beginning, it's beyond words. I love you and am grateful you are part of my life. Thank you again for allowing me this opportunity to witness the miracle of birth. Your a stellar patient!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall has fallen!

Fall is such a gorgeous time of year and truthfully in the Heber Valley its breathtakingly beautiful. People come here from all over to see the leaves on the mountains change color but its such a short time of year that I often miss it with life, saying I will go to the mountains tomorrow to collect leaves or ATV ride, but this year Kaden had an assignment to go get some leaves for his classroom so we made it out there before they all changed.
I think this week we are going to try to take a ride on the Heber Creeper railroad through the canyon and get a last look at the fall season. The boys have off from school this Friday and Saturday, so since we aren't going to St. George this time, we will do some fun day trips.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

How fast can we go?

We spent the weekend at "our Campinland" property out in Fruitland, it is going to probably be our last for the season and we sure ended with a bang. Our friends, came along and brought their 50cc dirt bike and 90cc four wheeler....well you might as well thought they belonged to my boys because as soon as they got a feel for those wheels, all they could do was take a bathroom break and they were on them again for 2 days straight. All we heard was, "I just barely got on it" from both of them...they were in the height of their glory. Its amazing to watch them from super cautious staying close to us, to riding down the hill, to around the loop, to saying lets go for a ride and you drive your own wheeler Mom and Dad. I am not ready for these little guys to grow up. Steve and I really enjoyed watching them ride.

On Sunday morning, Colton was up at 6am, ready to go for the day. He was super serious when he was riding, very focused too. Kaden on the other hand had the hugest smile on his face the entire time. Even when we were telling him firmly to stay on the right side of the road, he was still grinning. Kaden thought he was an expert much more than Colton, he kept asking if anyone wanted a ride, he did find a few takers...he made sure they held on nice and tight too!

Over the past few weekends, Steve has been building an outhouse on the property, as the one we were using has since been sold with the land (it was the neighbors). Its quite the master bath, larger in stature than one would expect for a outhouse. It has seating for 3, but we elected to only put one seat in there for privacy sake. Kaden wanted to be the first one to use it, sound effects and all, must say, works well! Its got plenty of ventilation but, Kaden thought it could use some more privacy so he started duct taping up all the open areas/holes. Its got character, but lets just say, I won't burden Steve with building our home ever. He did a great job considering he did it himself, well with a little help from of a 5 and 6 year old.

We love it up there, its so peaceful and serene. There was a full moon over the weekend, it was so clear and bright! My favorite part about camping is the fire, its so mesmerizing and calming to me. I think I sat most of the weekend, seriously, I know I did and enjoyed every second of it. We ate lots of treats....the best chocolate chip cookies to be had, homemade pumpkin pie and these awesome highly caloric puffed rice balls, mixed with sitting equals lots of motivation this week to be had at the gym. I am forgoing the scale till Wednesday when I have time to redeem myself.

On the way home it was quiet, we looked in the back seat and there we found Austin's friend, Jordan, with Austin & Colton resting their head on his shoulders, along with kitty asleep on Colton's lap. It was so cute. They were exhausted.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Look at this Palace aka "The new high school"

Wow, pictures don't do this place justice, its truly amazing, beyond words as well. But pictures will simply have to do.

Their home economics room....Its a full restaurant kitchen.
This is the agriculture and mechanics garage!

Broadcasting studio, YES, a real live studio.....

One of the three workout gyms!

The main gymnasium, with a running indoor track around the top!

Austin started 10th grade, yup, now a Sophmore! I remember when I thought sophmores were way older than me, of course, I was only in 7th grade. He is so growing up, literally and physically. I can't believe it, its really surreal to see it right before you eyes. He is if I might say so myself an awesome guy. Truthfully, I am not sure he realizes just how awesome he really is. He is handsome, smart, great athlete, beautiful skin color (no acne either), spiritual, caring, loving, polite and overall a pretty decent kid. Steve and I constantly, at least once a week have someone say something to us about how great of a kid he is. We don't always tell him but truly we are very thankful for our first to set such a great example for his siblings. I hope the others don't feel like they have a hard act to follow. I am not a bragger but I feel like I need to document this, as this is considered my journaling.

No wonder he likes to go to school, I took like 50 pictures, because I couldn't believe my eyes, I was floored with this place, I said where can I sign up to go back to school. The outside is just as amazing too! If you come out of high school with no direction, I am thinking you weren't paying attention, this place has so many options and choices for children these days. I am happy to pay my increased taxes for such an amazing job and honored my son can attend. I just hope the education matches this caliber.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

First Days of School

As fast as summer came and went, the first day of school seemed to come even faster. I was not prepared, not in anyway. I was excited about the fact that I could get a consistent schedule and have some free time everyday, but that was bittersweet, I miss them terribly when they are gone. Its quiet around here, very quiet!

Colton goes to first grade, alone, unassisted, bye mom, I can do it myself! No fear, nothing! Off he goes on his bike.

Kaden on the other hand started almost 2 weeks later at the same school, he is going into kindergarten. He wanted us to walk him in, stay there, and if he could that was the first and last day he ever wanted to go to school. He would much rather stay home with me, shopping, eating out to lunch, getting treats at the store to keep him from bugging me, relaxing watching Dora or simply being with his mommy.

Well school has been in session for just a month now and I find myself busy with my household jobs, but I still look forward to 3:30pm when my boys rolls in the driveway for a quick hello and they are off, to play, visit friends, afterschool activities, etc. Colton likes to stay homebound more than Kaden but its Colton who is off, to his friends house, I swear my friend must think she got another child overnight, as he always wants to be at their house. Well then Kaden is lonely, so he leaves too and goes out to play. Alone again, this house is so big, it echos and its just me breathing....LOL. I think come winter months, I will wish for them to be able to go outside and play again but for now as usual, I accept what is and work with it to the best it can be.