Saturday, March 31, 2012

Colton's talk of "angels"

Leah said I should post this; otherwise, we'll forget it.  It's really quite neat.  About a month or so ago, Leah and I both read a book about a young boy who had a near death experience.   He later told his parents about some pretty profound things about babies who die, angels, life after death, etc.    Anyway, last night, Colton and I were talking and some things he said coincieded with the book we read.  He asked me, "Dad, do you ever feel or see angels?"  Sadly, I said, that no, I do not or have not.  I then asked him if he does and he replied something like....Yes, when I'm downstairs and working on my legos by myself, I feel them around me and then, when I go to the bathroom or something, I come back, and my lego project is done (it may be true, he makes some amazing lego stuff with absolutely no help).   I asked him if he thought it was his sister and he wasn't too sure about that, BUT he did tell me something interesting, that we learn in our church...I doubt he's heard us say this, but this is what he said:  Dad, Avery's not a baby in heaven right now, she's more like your size but she'll be a baby when you and Mom get there.  It was really touching and neat.  Sometimes he is so sensitive and I don't doubt that he's more in tune spiritually with some things as children oftentimes are.  What Colton told us was very similar stuff to the things we read in this book, entitled:  Heaven IS for Real.   SH