Thursday, December 28, 2006

2006 Christmas was Wonderful and White!

It was a great day even down to the 6 or so inches of snow we had. Colton said awesome to everything he got but surely his favorite item was his last minute request for a red snowboard. Well he got it and has taken it everywhere with him even to bed one night. The day after christmas we took him to the park and he proceeded to snowboard down the sledding hill that everyone else was sledding down. He has NO fear whatsoever and told me to watch out he was gonna go over the jump. His tongue was half hanging out of his mouth, he was full on ready to snowboard away. He is so much like me its too funny...after he opened each gift he took it to the place it needed to go..he got some computers games..he said, mom should I put these in the office? Ok sure son go ahead. Then he got some new underwear and he went right upstairs and put them in his underwear drawer. Carbon Copy Colton. I had rough night of sleep the other night and was sleeping on the couch in the morning and Colton comes down full of energy and yells MOM...I had my face under the covers and I looked up and said with a scowl apparently, WHAT? He gave me the meanest look and said, "Grouchy!!!!" and walked away.

Kade was just happy to open the gift not really that excited as to what he got or not. Opening the gifts were truly enough. Yesterday he bit Colton for taking his candy cane and I put him in timeout strapped in his booster seat, but forgot to make sure the booster was strapped to the chair, he got off the dining chair and was walking around with the booster seat strapped to him...I had to put my face in a towel to not laugh at him it was hysterical.

Austin got everything he wanted on his list except a watch he said..not bad since his b-day is in only 2 more least there is something left for me to buy. He has been snowboarding and absolutely loves it. Of course he is so athletic and great, but he needs a haircut so bad I hate looking at you will see from the pics I post. He is surely getting to be a teenager, we are gonna go at it one day he is sooooooooooooo sassy.

Santa Clause bought our family 2 snowmobiles for christmas. We went out the other day and I almost tipped it over on us....don't panic mom I am still learning its just like driving an ATV or motorcycle, its just getting used to it.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Getting ready for Christmas

I can't believe I have a second or two to write something. We got 14 inches of snow the other day and it looks really promising for a white very white christmas. I am excited for that. I love that I can write to everyone all at once so productive for those that are so busy like me. Its hasn't slowed down for me in the work arena and it usually does around the holidays....I guess the world is changing unfortunately in that area. Well an update on the boys...yesterday I was cleaning up the kitchen and the boys got out some blue cheese dressing and some carrots and sat under the stools at the kitchen island and I said what are you two doing?, Colton replies with, "we are having a carrot party mom" oh....ok

Then it was a rare occassion but I had a bad morning our pipes froze and I had no water, real estate deals going crazy and I wanted to crawl under a rock and hide but knowing that my house my fall or burn down if I did that I just took a quick cat nap on the couch. Colton apparently only took a quick short nap too because no sooner did I start to drift off, did I hear dishes being put away in the kitchen...I opened one eye to peek at the clock it wasn't Austin yet so I just drifted back to sleep thinking this was my imagination.....NOPE I woke up and Colton said, "mom look what I did? He unloaded the entire dishwasher and showed me where he put everything...only one thing was in the wrong place I couldn't believe. He is so amazing its scary to me. Next he will be saying I just drove Austin to school for you mom....

Well stay tuned for the next adventure...will return shortly I promise.

Friday, November 24, 2006


Was uneventful...we went out to eat cuz I hate to cook and it seemed like a project I didn't want to endure and it was a holiday, don't I get those days off in my job? It was a buffet but the boys each wanted us to hold them so how do you hold a kid and get two plates full of food? Well we never figured it out either but, we did manage ok. I am still full from the days events but at 6pm last night we all were like, are you hungry? me too now what? Cereal?

Steve and I decided to try getting up at 5am to be at the stores but 6am....we made it by 7am and it was so crowded and apparently everyone was so excited to get up and spend their money that they forgot to put on deodorant. There was that many people and it stunk!!!!! Yuck, I said honey its not worth it to save $5.00 here and there...I save us so much money all year long lets go out to eat. We made it home with some good deals but I am done with that ordeal for the rest of my life!

The boys are wonderful, messy, cute, a pain, hard, sweet, and expensive...Austin costs us a fortune this year. He wants expensive stuff these days. We he deserves it. He got all A's on his report card 3.8 GPA and his team won their Football Championship for league. He is one heck of a kid I say! Plus not to mention he is so good looking, of course he doesn't want his haircut lately its the style or so he says...I think he is much cuter with short hair.

Colton is a pill, wait I mean Colton needs to be on pills. He wears me out. He is so cute yet such a devil at the same time...I dont' understand it. I know mom he is me...Steve always says don't get mad at him Leah, he is you in my body!

Kaden is our angel he is sweeter than any of my boys. Now his new thing is he knows how to take the childproof lock off the doorknobs and comes in our room in the middle of the night saying I want to stay in your bed for just a wittle bit! I promise!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Cooking skills

Well it seems as though Colton has gotten some cooking skills that I didn't have nor want. Maybe from the other side of the family. What 3 1/2 year old do you know who can cook? He has made when I was up in the shower, waffles with butter and syrup for himself and Kade, oatmeal for himself and kade, a milkshake with the blender and most recently he made popcorn and didn't even burn it. He always wants to bake something....I have to constantly watch everything he does, he is so destructive sometimes.

Halloween is around the corner and Colton can't decide what he wants to be but I have decided for him...He wears all the costumes we have around the house sometimes changing them 3 times a day. He will be Buzz Lightyear and Kaden will be Woody from Toy Story. Colton put on his Buzz costume, got on the kitchen table and proceeded to fly literally tried to fly...He soon discovered he couldn't but that didn't stop him.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Number 36 Fullback Wasatch Wasps

Austin loves sports more than anything else I think...and so does his brother. He had a great game with a touchdown and a interception... He is doing well in school too with all A's and one B+ which he is trying hard to bring up but his forgetfulness gets him in trouble. He is so darn handsome as you can see from the pic well maybe not. Everyday he comes up to me and measures how tall he is getting anxiously waiting to bypass my height. Sooner than later its gonna happen...he has only an inch to go, its not saying much that he is gonna be taller than me but I don't let him in on that secret! He has size 10 in men's shoes now....Huge freakin boats. Its funny to watch the little boys put on his shoes and try to walk around they look like they could ski in them. Well off to do something while they are all asleep.

Kaden says the funniest things now

Where is Colton? He just couldn't get enough books in the bed that night.

Kaden got stung by a bee today and he told me that he doesn't want the bee to eat him!

That band aid picture is one from another boo boo he received when he bumped his lip...insists on a band aid for all ouches!

I asked him how much he loved me and he told me "Too much"

Kaden told me that he was sick the other night while I was doing our rock a bye ritual and I said what is sick? my cheek I just laughed and laughed he is such a joy of child.

When you ask him to do something he says, OK in the most tender voice its precious.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Life in the fast lane

Colton loves his preschool. Kade always wants to go with him. The other day at the table eating lunch Colton said, "Cambrey showed me her underwear at preschool today!", oh really what did you say?", I asked. He replied, thank you!" He is a trip I swear I just can't explain him. Austin is doing much better with his injuries. He had his first football game, he didn't get to play a lot but his first play was an interception and he ran it back for 10 yards breaking a few tackles along the way. He is such a handsome loving boy. He loves school they girls are starting to surface on little notes I find in his pockets. "who do you like? Call me Jordan 654-1234 oh my!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Well today was the first day of school for Colton. He was all prepared ready to go with his backpack and 4 popsicles in there which I had to promptly remove or the teachers might not like me too much the first day. I think he was worried they would not have snacks there or something. Clearly 2 hours was not enough time for me, but he enjoyed it.

The camping adventure

Well it all began with the packing of the trailer...we were all set to go when Colton comes running in the garage and says MOM, I had an accident. My mind wonders to what could it be this time.....well I turn around and his entire face is covered with blood along with his arms....I said oh my goodness what happened? I sneezed and got blood...He had blood on his eyelids it was a huge mess...I was so worried he could obviously tell cuz he said, don't worry mom I will be alright, its ok. Then Kade stubbed his big toe so badly that he lost the nail it was all swollen on the trip and we looked at it last night and its gone, sicko as Colton would say. The boys loved camping land as they call it being outdoors and fishing and riding the four wheelers...A heaven for the male species. They even like the dirt. Colton was roasting starburst candy over an unlight fire pit, pulling worms in half and as you will see from the pics always wearing a helmet whether it fit or NOT. At least he had on a helmet that is more than I can say for Austin...who decided to ride a bike with no brakes down a hill. Don't worry he was able to stop only he had to use his face and hands. See pic for the graphics. Other than that all was great food, fun and family can't complain at all.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Well I begin my online journal

I surely don't have the creativity as my sister in law does with her blog but I know my sons can make a bigger mess than hers in 15 minutes or less. Well that is their slow time I am trying to be easy on her.

Well in all seriousness, I have no time to do this but want my family well at least the ones that care to know of my boys life altering events or even mine for that matter.

Today has been uneventful well there is 2 hours left of the day and all is asleep. Colton is so full of energy even I can NOT keep up with him. I will let you know how the weekend transpires after 3 days of camping. Photos I promise too!