Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Getting ready for Christmas

I can't believe I have a second or two to write something. We got 14 inches of snow the other day and it looks really promising for a white very white christmas. I am excited for that. I love that I can write to everyone all at once so productive for those that are so busy like me. Its hasn't slowed down for me in the work arena and it usually does around the holidays....I guess the world is changing unfortunately in that area. Well an update on the boys...yesterday I was cleaning up the kitchen and the boys got out some blue cheese dressing and some carrots and sat under the stools at the kitchen island and I said what are you two doing?, Colton replies with, "we are having a carrot party mom" oh....ok

Then it was a rare occassion but I had a bad morning our pipes froze and I had no water, real estate deals going crazy and I wanted to crawl under a rock and hide but knowing that my house my fall or burn down if I did that I just took a quick cat nap on the couch. Colton apparently only took a quick short nap too because no sooner did I start to drift off, did I hear dishes being put away in the kitchen...I opened one eye to peek at the clock it wasn't Austin yet so I just drifted back to sleep thinking this was my imagination.....NOPE I woke up and Colton said, "mom look what I did? He unloaded the entire dishwasher and showed me where he put everything...only one thing was in the wrong place I couldn't believe. He is so amazing its scary to me. Next he will be saying I just drove Austin to school for you mom....

Well stay tuned for the next adventure...will return shortly I promise.


obbyyoyo said...

Your tree and your family are beautiful, Leah. Merry Christmas!

BABS224 said...

Leah the tree is beautiful. Maybe a blog about Little Grandma's treet would be nice. The boys are so sweet.