Saturday, May 29, 2010

Playing en Playa!

As you can see by the absolute lush green landscaping...spring has arrived somewhere in the world and we had to go there to get at it!  For our honeymoon 9 years ago we went to Cancun and on one of the excursions we took, we were in Del Carmen and said one day when we come back, it will be to here!  It is much more private and remote, yet less Americans here....we for sure were the minority!  We had a great time to say the least! 
We relaxed, ate, slept, ate, ate again, slept and repeated for 6 blissful days! 

Well one day we went into town, which was absolutely lovely of all the towns we have gone to in Mexico and there have been plenty, it was very classy and clean.  We had massages in a very nice spa, shopped or should I say hunted for our list of treasures..hammock, swing chair, PURE vanilla(no corn syrup crap added), Oakley sunglasses for Austin,and necklaces for boys!  We did it in record time and even got a chance to relax in this open air bagel cafe that was upstairs and so cool, not literally of course but I wasn't complaining!

Why the picture of the salad, one might ask?  Well not to mention the food was like eating in a fine dining restaurant for every meal....well they were fine dining restaurants but, even the buffet food was the best we have ever had...better than some cruises even.  Hence the 3 pounds I added to my body! 

On night we were eating at the Mexican restaurant and Steve had some potatowith his entree and he asked the waiter for some sour cream....ok the waiter came back with this salad as fast as he could and was like here you are sir, I almost lost it, I spit some food out both sides of my mouth I laughed so hard..they obviously noticed something was wrong with my lack of ability to control myself..he comes back to table and I try to say with my 4 years of high school Spanish, "crema de blanco por el potato"....oh, si there are 3 of these cute little Mexicans working on getting the sour cream.....they return with a bowl of green soupish stuff maybe????? I am really having a difficult time trying NOT to embarrass any of us...but its not really working well... so at this time I think the entire staff is navigating this extraordinary request, so a busboy or some other helper thinks he knows just what we are trying to convey to them, he proudly comes out with a bowl of some creamy dressing like ranch and we are satisfied as one more episode might get me locked up somewhere.  Steve is SO composed throughout this event, I can't fake it even an ounce....we have some good laughing material for the balance of our trip.   

This was Iguanadona as I have affectionately named her....I never really did get that close though, but she was out every morning same place, same time, as I went to the gym each morning, said hello, walked past her as freaking fast as I could then said hello on my way back.....she was faithful!  There were some other critters too that were around as the resort was tucked in a forest and I mean a dense, thick forest....that opened up to the Gulf, it was lovely.  The lemurs were out eating in the palm trees, all the time and there was this bird that whistled it sounded like a guy whistling, I talked to him too and said thanks every time I heard him give a holler. 
I was in the sun as much as possible, Steve on the other hand got sunburnt in the shade with his shirt on!  I went from walking the seashore, to reading, to the water, to the bathroom, to the restaurant, to putting on Steve's sunscreen, to soaking up the sun, all in a day!  Boy my decisions were many but very easy to make each and every day.  I noticed that I really am a creature of habit myself, Iguanadona!

As you can see it was beyond perfect, I think that heaven might be like this or it should be~
There was a full moon on the last night, it was hard to get a picture but it was picture worthy to say the least.  I had a wonderful time, thanks honey for a great birthday present~
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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Baseball bliss

Today was a surreal day for some reason, watching my son play baseball, looking at him as a young man, had me reflecting back on the life that has lead him to his successes on the field, in school, in church, as a friend, and as a son. I know that it was not all nurture but, nature too that helped to shape him into the fine boy he is!  I am so proud to have my children, they bring me such happiness and such stress all within a minutes time too! Today was the last regular season game and of course they won both games...I believe they are 13 wins and 4 loses, not too bad. I will be glad when the summer baseball games begin so that I don't have to wear snow boot and a winter vest in May.

Austin playing first base!

On the mound!

There is something about watching your children playing sports, on stage, giving a talk, whatever it is, that brings you such a sense of pride and that was ever so present today watching Austin on the field.

After the game, I had to rush home, so did Austin, to attend a church fireside. Well, that feeling of pride and that I am in the right space, doing the right things theme continued to overwhelm me. I have never been to a fireside before and the speaker was the producer/writer of the movie, "The Other Side of Heaven", a fantastic LDS film. It testified to me that I am in the right place,  at the right time for the right reasons. Not that I was questioning it today in particular or anything...but there are days when I wonder if all my hard work
is worth the sacrifices I am making and yes it is, don't give up, get up and do the best you can each day, because one day the reward will be another moment you will be proud of as a mom, as today was for me. 
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