Tuesday, September 07, 2010

All alone, now our fun filled summer has passed!

The house is silent, except for the ticking of the clock!  Not so sure I like this.  My sweet Kaden went to school today. Colton went last Wednesday and Austin last Friday, so grateful I still have 2 Guinea pigs and Meow Meow here, although Meow Meow can't be counted on lately.  I love being alone but not really.  I have so much I could do, but don't want to.  I think I will eat the rest of the brownies I made that should do it!  Then of course I will feel guilty and have to go run it off, then I am exhausted, kids come home and I want them to be gone again.   Oh the cycles.....what to do what to do! 

Summer is not over yet, I will NOT let it leave until the first day of Autumn, my next favorite season.  But there is a chill in the air and that means that after my fall comes that awful season which in my opinion should be cancelled.  I am already starting to get (Meow Meow just showed up, she must be feeling guilty too!) a bit anxious about the white crap.  I am not going to talk about it!  Change the subject.
Campinland was frequente often this year, we had lots of great fun weekends with friends, boating, hiking, swimming, relaxing and of course on the motorcycles and ATVs. 
Colton went the real salon to get his hair done and thought this contraption looked rather cool, so we encouraged him to give it a try for blackmail purposes later in life.
Riding home from baseball each week!
The Eccles Dinosaur Park made our list this summer.  We went with Kiki and the boys had a great time.
Kaden thought he had talent, he stuck two raisenetts up his nostrils...I laughed so hard stuff came out of mine. 
Yup, just what it looks like....shhhhhhhhhhh he has no idea I documented this.  It was too precious, he didn't even have on his shoes...we were at Bridal Veil Falls and nature called!  No bathrooms close by so we headed for the woods.
Summer with my boys this year was awesome....we ran and ran and ran and camped and had the best time.  This is truly to document for myself since I am an uncommitted journal writer. 

We are up to 3 pets in our home now...and Steve said he never wanted any!  How do you tell a kid he can't have any pets, that is wrong in my opinion, pets teach kids responsibility, nurturing, love, well those are the good things...there are many downsides but I am going to focus on the positive as I always do anyway.  Each day we had a quiet time about 4pm so they could read, relax, play videos games in their bed, something so I could really have a break.  It turns out that the pigs (Chocolate and Fauxhawk) both needed some quiet time too!  Steve and I could NOT believe that they fell asleep in their arms, but these animals are really great for kids and Kaden packs Chocolate around like its his baby!  He even talks to it like he is the Dad.  That boy is going to make a great father someday, just like the one he has.
The Heber Rodeo was so much fun this year.  This was the first year that I took the boys and they were in heaven.  As you can see they dressed up like what they thought to be cowboys. 
The weather was perfect, the boys had made their own front row seating. 
My adorable sweet niece, Cassidy, came with us, we had front row seats! 
Boy this blog post is a long one!  Maybe I should have made a few posts instead.  Well your near the end now, for our weekly date night, we each take turns planning the date, this week Steve borrowed his friends Jeep and we had a blast jeeping up the mountains were we live.  It was so much fun, but even more beautiful.  I do love Heber in the summer, spring and fall..but winter it sucks!  I am such an outdoor girl, that when I have to be confined inside, it makes me bitter.  I know, I have to be patient, it will happen and I will have my sunshine home. 

My boys are in school and I have lots of time on my hands now, but I truly miss them being here.  Until next summer, for more fun adventure, thanks for the memories.