Friday, November 14, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Enjoy the halloween pics as my life is so darn busy these days that I can't even seem to get them off the camera and onto the computer but I have managed to do that so here they are!
Colton was a race car driver by night and Batman by day, Kaden was Big Bird the entire time even before Halloween started...Austin waited until 5 minutes before his party to get his costume together...I asked him everyday for weeks what he wanted to be and he couldn't decide so he threw on a wig, some glasses and a referee shirt!

Steve and I were invited to a party but Steve got sick so I went alone but I still had a blast. I was a nun and my priest stayed at home. I won the most original costume prize....well obviously I would as there seems to be so few pregnant nuns these days.

Colton is not liking Kindergarten, he says its too many days and lately he has been saying that he is feeling sick and gonna throw up so he can't go! Kade on the other hand can't wait to go and wants to go even if its not his day. I couldn't have more opposite boys. Austin is doing well in school and loves the swim team however, he is never ever home anymore. He leaves at 6am and comes home at 5 at night five nights a week. He only eats and sleeps here but his rooms seems to show much more wear and tear than that.
We are going to be spending the holidays with Steve's parents in our condo in St. George hopefully with warmer weather, although we have only had one snow storm this year. I am sure grateful for that.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Elk Hunt was successful!

Well I won't say he is a mighty hunter just yet but he sure enjoyed it! Austin wanted to tell me all about it but I couldn't shoot an animal no matter what it is so I dont' have details on it...all I know is he got it in one shot from 375 yards away with a big gun, scope and some guts.....He was on a high for quite some time.

Maybe he will add to my post when he wakes up this morning or afternoon, dang teenagers can sleep...I think I was like that myself. Not the little ones they are up at the crack of dawn wanting to eat, drink, play outside in their jammies and then there is the cat who wants me to feed her, let her out or turn on the faucet so she can drink some fresh water...she won't drink from a bowl, spoiled.

Fall is coming here and really I can't believe I am saying this but its a refreshing change of scenery and weather...still warm but nice outside to do chores, walk, play with the kids and the rain seems to come at just the right times..when we need it most. I like to be inside and work around the house when its raining...I love to hear the rain even more but our ceilings are so darn high we can't hear it.

We are diligently trying to finish the 3 rooms and bath in our basement. When we bought the house it only had the family room and storage room finished....we are thinking about moving the boys down stairs to make room for the new addition to our family that is due in March. Yes, don't fall off your chair...I too never thought I would be the proud mommy of 4 children but I am happy to say we are all excited...Colton and Kaden are really excited...they will make great big brothers we hope.

I thought our new little girl kitty would be enough for my craving to have a girl baby but it wasn't. We are hopeful for a girl but expecting a boy of course...We will not be finding out what it is either so don't ask....Kiki is also pregnant as well for those of you who know we will be pregnant at the same time but she is only 2 weeks along and I am 4 months.

I am not trying to brag but my super talented husband has done it again......But I will!

Yes, he has won yet another trip the 3rd one this year....however this time its different, we get to take the money and go where we want to go, so we are going to take the kids with us somewhere. We have to go within 2 months and we are leaving for a Mexican Cruise in a its gonna be hard to plan something that fast...I would like to get a winter cabin somewhere who knows we haven't really found out what we are gonna do...maybe go see my mom??? Hadn't thought of that one yet, MOM?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

School has begun!

Well it was a week ago now and we are all finally adjusting to the new schedule and life. Austin started high school oh my gosh I have a high schooler...I don't look like I am out of high school yet!!! Hehe He is on the swim team at school and loving it...they are doing water polo now its a work out he is pooped all the time. He couldn't play football cuz his wound on his leg wouldn't heal completely and it might have gotten ripped open and he or me didn't wanted to chance that. I think he just wants to wear a speedo wink wink! Well he is liking school after changing his schedule 3 times I think we got it...It was a bit too easy for him and we wanted him to try to get a bit more rigorous schedule to help him with his future that is finally done now, he is taking Spanish so I am excited to be able to communicate and practice with him when he finally can say something other than hola! He is going hunting next week with Steve they got a Bull Elk permit which I hear are hard to come by and they have a hunting guide on private property which should mean they are guaranteed some form of elk. They are starting shooting practice so he doesn't hit Grandpa Fred or Grandpa Hallows on the trip. I think it is going to be a memorable male bonding trip...I will post again when the hunt is over.

Colton is in Kindergarten at Jolley Kids and he goes 4 hours a day and then a full day on Thursday and I love that...He starts Karate today too...he thinks he is a ninja and wants the uniform only. He is so sweet and the new food and herb regime we have him on is working wonders, he is new and improved for the better. Its Kade now that is giving us a hard time...He is a complete Klutz he falls, slips stuff, runs into things multiple times a day its constantly a cry for help from him. He is really sweet and loves his new cat he holds her like a doll and she just lets him until she has had enough then she bites him and he lets her loose till a few more minutes pass and he has forgotten she bit him. He is in nursery school and wants to go everyday and wants to do his homework all the time. He is a bit bored at home with me alone since all his friends are in school full time now. He is gymnastics so at least he has some other activity to entertain him.

Well now that school is back in session life may have some more structure and I will keep this blog updated much better. Enjoy!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Trying to update this more frequently

But as you know its not always easy to sit in front of a computer with 3 boys needing something from you all the time. Plus the internet is a time hog, if I don't take control of it...So updated some things to make it more aesthetically pleasing....Any and all feedback is always welcome.

Well we had a very eventful last week! My sister came to visit us, great fun....then we left for Campin' Land with our friends. We had a great time...the boys love being outdoors...Steve built them a sandbox on the property under a huge tree, we made a bench on one of the fallen trees it was so perfect our friends suggested it and its so cool. Our property sits at the top of the hill and we have a view that goes on and on it seems, so we make this bench to sit on and watch the sunset...of course I am so exhausted at sunset time that I didn't get to see it...But next time.

On Saturday, Austin was riding Steve's ATV, a powerful, big machine, and went down a much to steep hill and rolled the ATV over him and his passenger (a 10 yr. old boy with NO helmet on) and we ended up going to the ER for 50 stitches. The Doc on duty said you are so lucky the stick didn't penetrate deeper because it was right over his main artery in his leg. He was scared and worried, but it wasn't bleeding a lot so I felt like it was gonna be ok. He is doing well despite scratches and bruises all over his body.
Kaden turned 4 on Monday, July 7th....My baby is growing up...He said if I turned 4 that means I am still little right? So you still have to wipe my butt....and no more sippy cups right? That kid is so funny. We rented a inflatable castle jump/bounce house and it had a water slide attached to it as well...It was a huge hit literally...Then I made a snake cake, the boys thought that was so cool. It was a busy and exhausting day! Everyone had a great time, including daddy and mommy going down the water slide. Oh course Austin had to sit on the side watching because he couldn't get his stitches wet yet...too high of a chance of infection.

Steve's birthday is this Sunday....good ole 37th birthday....Wow we met 8 years ago in September.

We have been doing some fun stuff on our home lately...stamped a patio in the front area to sit on with our chairs and relax...which we don't do enough of....and then we are building a pergola over our existing deck in the back, that should be done next week...we are really looking forward to that since we face West at night and early morning is the only time we can use our deck in the summer because its so hot and sunny. We want to eat dinner out there, so this pergola will allow us some shade finally. I will send pictures when it complete next week. I have been painting all the wood this week so that they can start framing on Monday.

Life is never dull and always full, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cowboy Colton and Kaden

Are these not the cutest boys you have seen...Their bedroom now that they share a room is cowboy theme. So my sister made them each a scrapebook page for their wall and so we had them dress up in their cowboy duds and we took these photos from our backyard. It was perfect time and the scenery was fantastic....The gods were watching out for us...since it took them forever to get dressed. Yikes that was a nightmare they hate to be told what to do! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cut off all my hair!

Everyone has been asking me about my new haircut, which I love by the way....My hubby does too and Austin said you look HOT!

We are enjoying the summer its finally here, spent last week in Arizona at our neighbors house from Heber, it was amazingly gorgeous after the ride there and back it was all worth it! The pool had a lazy river, slide, rope swing, hot tub, fire bowls....It was like a resort out side with the mini golf course, outside kitchen/bbq area and they had a full theater with a big popcorn stand. My kids had a great time so did I. Austin went to spend the week after with his dad, he came to pick him up from there. He looked so different than when I last saw him 8 years ago. Austin had a great time and he really misses his dad in his life.

We are working on our house and yard a lot it seems like lately. There is always something to do. Steve and Austin built the boys a sandbox under our deck and put up a basketball standard when I was in AZ with the little boys. We are trying to finish our basement completely we have 3 bedrooms and a bath to complete. We are in no hurry as its only more space to clean and keep track of but we have no space to house a when we do, like my sister who is coming over on Monday will have to take route in Austin's room.

Kaden learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels a couple of weeks ago and now he thinks he is superstar on two wheels...trying to ride with no hands, lifting legs off of the wheels, that is just what happens when you have older brothers I suppose. Kade will turn 4 next Monday, he is sooooooooooooo excited he has been telling us all including Austin and Steve for the last couple of months, whenever we get mad at him, he says you can't go to my party then with the most serious face. Its hard to take him seriously when he looks at us like that.

Colton is Colton. Never wears shoes or shirts out anymore...he thinks he is a stud or something I think. He is now riding the same bike Austin uses, that is when Austin is not on it. Colton wants to grow up so fast I don't like it. He really likes to imitate Austin. He will be in Kindergarten OMG...where has this time gone.

Austin is backpacking the high Uinta Forest w/ scouts right now....and has been this week. I hope he did ok he was very nervous and thought he might get lost. They had to bring in all they needed by hiking up 6 miles and camping under stars....Yikes in my opinion. I will report on this next week.

I am couponing as usual...always looking for good deals as usual I have showed a couple of friends how to do it now so it been fun sharing things we find.

Steve is enjoying his job...he moved offices in the bank a month ago so now he says he is so much more productive because he doesn't have the distractions he had before. Now he works a full 20 hours a week! Just kidding those bankers hours are true ya know!
Well got to go and gather some stones for the landscape.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Caribbean Cruise Trip

We had the time of our lives. Steve won this trip too! We went to Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Haiti and Cozumel. Sunshine, food and fun what more could anyone ask for!? The boys missed us lots but they are getting used to it now...we always come back to them but they are still so little they really miss us. We really did nothing but lay in the sun, eat, sleep, dance, relax and have a great time reconnecting since its so hard to do that with 3 needy boys at home.

In Jamaica we were told we had to go to Dunn's Falls. Its waterfall that end up in the sea that we started at the bottom and walked our way up to the top. It started to rain on us but it was so cool, nothing I have ever done before either. We went to Jimmy Buffett's place and danced while the husbands all watched...they aren't much in the way of the dancing machines.

Grand Cayman is absolutely gorgeous, the crystal light blue water and the white sandy beaches made you not want to get back on the boat. It was very clean, and very americanized if you will.

I could live there so could my husband because apparently that is where all the USA banks have their sweep accounts...They said there are over 500 banks on this not so big island.

Haiti was gorgeous...not in a bad section but our friends who did the zip line said that at the top of the zip lines was an armed guard with an machine gun ready to go...Yikes I am so happy we live in a free country.

The boat we went on has been the absolute nicest cruise line we have ever been on. Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas...It had a ice skating rink, a mall, a movie theater, a rock climbing wall, mini golf, surfing/flow rider. You seriously could not even have to get off the ship and be fully entertained 24/7.

We will be back there for sure..We highly recommend that ship to anyone even thinking of another line. Top of the line in our opinion.


Saturday, May 31, 2008

As usual time flies by to fast

Well summer or spring I should say has finally made its way to Heber Valley Utah. I was outside today and got an actual burn I was so excited. The boys played in the sun for hours on end. Colton was so excited to go outside and play that he forgot to put on some clothes, but thank goodness he remembered his helmet though.

Kade told me today to please put on his babushka/handkerchief over his head because he had to go and babysit the neighbor kids. He looked like a little old grandma! It was precious but I had no camera around. Kade loves to ride with big brother, he says he wants to ride with no training wheels now cuz he is a big boy.

Austin just spent a week at EFY which is the church based youth camp. He came home and said it was the most amazing and awesome experience. He danced every song at the dances he said, they had lots of spiritual classes, fireside, etc. He wants to go back again next year.
We are going on vacation to Arizona next week so for sure we are going to experience heat like no other..but I am not complaining its been way cold here for over 6 months.
Enjoy the post..I know they are few and far but at least I am making an effort.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Life in the Hallows' Household

Well we are still enduring the winter snow, ice, wind chill, and beauty.  The snow really is gorgeous but when you tons of it, it begins to get old having to plow and shovel multiple times a day sometimes.  The snow is actually glittery and lovely but I am looking forward to the green grass and spring.  
The boys have been sledding down the piles of snow that are around our home.  Its taller than they are believe it or not.  

Colton is learning how to read now in preschool, the teacher says he is way ahead in his class and he was so excited when he passed off his phonics.  He likes to do his flashcards but more than that he likes to test me on the flashcards.  He thinks he is the teacher and me the student.  Kade actually is really learning too a lot since Colton is, he wants to its working out great for us cuz I teach once and they each learn.  I have been really enjoying being a mom, staying home with them, I got a Kitchen Aide mixer for Christmas and love it...been baking and cooking and even sewed my family room curtains.  I am going to be making curtains for my bedroom in the spring after I decide on a new comforter set.  I have to keep busy in the winter when my work is slow.  The boys have been really enjoying me being a mommy lately.  We have been playing Candy Land all the time. Colton despises loosing, as a matter of fact if he is not winning he tries to cheat so he can win.  The other night Steve went out of town with his friend, so I let Colton sleep with me and he was dreaming and sat up in bed and said, "Kade stop cheating"  guilty conscience I presume.  

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wow time flies

We had a very busy last 2 months. We went to Mexico the first week in December on a trip Steve won. It was so much fun..probably the best one we have had yet...well it sure does help to know more people then you can do things with them. We left in a snow storm and came home to a snow storm, but enjoyed 85 degrees most of the week! It was lovely. We just had a fireplace installed in our basement its absolutely the most coziest place to be now. We love it down there and the room is huge so the boys drag out all their toys and play down there like its football staduim. Meaning yup they throw around the football and what nots!

Christmas was usual too much to much stuff! We have some gifts yet to open stilll but are using them for a time when they get bored and want something new! We had two trees this year on upstairs and one down....the boys decorated their tree and we cut down a 12 feet tree for the family room. It actually lasted and wasn't dropping needles with every breathe we took. I watered it 2 a day then gave it soda once as I read and wouldn't you know it worked.

Austin is doing well he got Guitar Hero for Christmas and has turned into a full fledge teenager for sure...Pictures tell a thousand words! He is snowboarding and playing basketball and just got finsihed with 4 plays in drama class, 2 of which he was the lead....He remembered all the lines and when someone forgot their lines, he was whipsering it to them on stage...So cute he has a knack for that acting bit his teacher said. I was so proud of he is getting more handsome each and every day. He has finally finally passed me in height which of course is NOT saying much cuz on a good day 5'2" and three quarters is my actual height...He is about 5'4 now.

Colton is still a handful..he is in preschool for the 2nd year now and can recognize and say all his letters...If he forgets a letter he hits his head and make a grunting sound..Just like me, he hates not to know something that he knows he knows! He is a handful but is getting easier to handle everyday. It takes so much patience to be a stay at home mom, I never realized it, going to work is WAY easier. I used to think the opposite was true, boy was I wrong.

Kaden can't get anymore precious but he does all the time. He is always saying, "MOM?" I say what Kaden, he says, "I love you" sometimes he even does it to Colton and Austin which is rare cuz they are always picking on the litttle guy. He was saying his prayers last night and said thank you to god for turning on the snow! He blesses everything that comes to his mind and loves going to church. Well at least there is one saint in our family!

Steve and I are well. We had a great 2007 and look forward to the many joys that I am sure 2008 will bring. I am actually don't fall off the chair really enjoying being at home with my children these days....I am more calmer and content with it for some reason. I have been doing a lot of cooking and baking, over the holiday I baked everyday...well now that explains my 5lbs I can't get off... I have been decorating my house well the basement, refinishing furniture all of Austin's bedroom set which is 9 came out great I will send pictures, making curtains for my living room because I couldn't find any that were long enough that weren't $250 a panel, I think they turned out gorgeous....well see what Steve's mom says...she is the real test cuz she is the one who taught me how to sew in the right direction..DUH! I was having troubles with my machine and she came over to check it out well I was putting the fabric in the wrong way...I didn't know I could actually do that. Well I better get on with my day. Enjoy!