Friday, November 14, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Enjoy the halloween pics as my life is so darn busy these days that I can't even seem to get them off the camera and onto the computer but I have managed to do that so here they are!
Colton was a race car driver by night and Batman by day, Kaden was Big Bird the entire time even before Halloween started...Austin waited until 5 minutes before his party to get his costume together...I asked him everyday for weeks what he wanted to be and he couldn't decide so he threw on a wig, some glasses and a referee shirt!

Steve and I were invited to a party but Steve got sick so I went alone but I still had a blast. I was a nun and my priest stayed at home. I won the most original costume prize....well obviously I would as there seems to be so few pregnant nuns these days.

Colton is not liking Kindergarten, he says its too many days and lately he has been saying that he is feeling sick and gonna throw up so he can't go! Kade on the other hand can't wait to go and wants to go even if its not his day. I couldn't have more opposite boys. Austin is doing well in school and loves the swim team however, he is never ever home anymore. He leaves at 6am and comes home at 5 at night five nights a week. He only eats and sleeps here but his rooms seems to show much more wear and tear than that.
We are going to be spending the holidays with Steve's parents in our condo in St. George hopefully with warmer weather, although we have only had one snow storm this year. I am sure grateful for that.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of Halloween.. Leah you really fit into every costume you do... I loved the idea of the pregnant nun... . Nuns or pregnant ones.. Not many in Utah period. :)

Too much structure of Colton to handle at one time..Its probably boring for him because he is always thinking ahead of everyone else..Kaden is a sponge, maybe more classroom activites at home will help. Austin.. I am glad he is active and involved.. its important for him to stay simulated.

Christmas will be different in the warm climate; its is here that is for sure... 86 yesterday and its close to Thanksgiving.. Its not right. Over the river the thru the snow.. that is my motto for the holidays :)

LOVE, Grandma Barbara

Rory and Tosha Sargent said...

looks like lots of fun. so do you still want to get together? i would love to.

Aunt Sandy said...

That is so funny, you look great and what a good Nun you made HA! I agree with Grandma, Colton's a kid and why can't he do fun stuff. All three boys are so different and gives you variety that's for sure. Maybe Kaden will be a scholar and Austin well let's see something with activity that's for sure, maybe teaching sports?

Well what will be will be...think girl thoughts!!!

I love you very much, Auntie