Thursday, August 19, 2010

St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Boys

I am behind on the blogging as usual.....but our summer has been jammed packed with so much fun there has been no time to document it! Baseball season was busy this year with all the boys playing and on the same nights....and with Steve coaching the little ones and wanting to be at Austin's games it was a juggling act for sure. We managed and it was fun. Although sometimes it was painful to watch the little ones not mine of course but the other kids play or attempt to play baseball, I have good memories.
Steve was such a great coach, he truly has a way with children, much more patience than I could have had...I am too competitive and they frustrate me with their carefree pick the clovers in the grass out fielding!

I am just wondering what Kaden was thinking.....
"should I look up at the ball or keep my eyes on the bag?, what did Dad say again?, Mom, I am thirsty, when are we getting treats? Oh here comes the ball I think!"  

He sure has a hard act to follow with his older brothers and he wanted to take on that challenge with his hitting.  He pounded that plate at least 3 times and cleared off all the dirt prior to any swinging action.
Colton and another neighborhood boy were on the same team, they both have high school age brothers who play baseball and it showed, these little boys played ball very differently than the other kids.  They were in the car on the first game night and I could hear them chatting in the back, Riley, "do you like the Red Soxs? Colton, "No they are WEAK, I like the Yankees"....WEAK, that is not a word in the vocab of a normal 7 year old!  All the boys were dressed to the nines with their gear, from batting gloves to sliding shorts.....if Colton could keep the cup in his pants, he would have worn that too!  Until next year.....I will miss baseball season.  

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All work and no play?

My little boys are sure workers, just like their Momma! Our friends, Danny and Toni, own The Stew Pot in Heber and the boys think that they
should be able to work there since we are friends with the owners. They showed up with their aprons on and ready to of course, eat before they worked.
We needed a screen door put on the garage man door since we live next to a farm and lots of flies.....Colton basically installed the whole door with instruction from me. Seriously he has talent in this department.
Kaden's talents lie in the lawn care business, he wants to edge, spray weeds, mow and cut the bushes whether they need it or not.....Oh and no matter whose yard it is either. He starts the equipment himself, reads the instructions on the machine and gets them going, even when I can't.  The other day he weedwacked our neighbors back yard area, well maybe 1/4 of it, then knocks on their door asking for his money.....Some business strategy he has going on there. 
Occasionally we let them wash the car...well attempt the car, themselves get most of the washing ! Lots of yelling going on too...."he is spraying me" meanwhile, one whole entire bottle of car wash is used up and my driveway has turned into a slippin slide.
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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Bear Lake 2010 Good times for all!

We took the ATV's on the beach, it was so cool to ride them on the sand and in the water.  Kaden is a super driver, I mean that, he is very cautious and we just let him drive us all around, he of course loves it.  Cotlon drives us around too and believe it or not he is not the crazy boy he is off the machine.  He tells us to slow down and Kaden tells us to go faster. 
Austin doing what he does best, relaxing! 
Kaden took the challenge and decided he would let the cousins bury him.....Colton took the opportunity as a good one to tickle Kade's toes!
The boys rented these super cool bikes, and the boys and I went for a bike ride. 
The Hallows' beach spot!  We spent 2 days at the beach there.  It was blissful, I love the heat and was soaking it up all day!  Bear Lake is so gorgeous, its the Utah Carribbean.  This is our 3rd year in a row that we have gone. This year we went with the entire Hallows' clan, in celebration of Koze and Andrea's 50th Anniversary which was in January, but since they were on their mission, we waited for them to return and suprised them with this camping trip.  

Even the big cousins were in on the sandcastle building, it was a great time for all the kids big and small!
"Tres Amigos" AKA Austin, Brennan and Mason  They are all so tan, tall, but most importantly great young men! 
Happy Anniversary 50 years is a long time, they are wonderful examples to us all and we are proud of them.  

Ashley and Kaden helping with the sandcastle building.  
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All in a day at Bear Lake!