Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ethan's Run....Half Marathon

Are words really necesccary!  Well Kaden thought they were, the night before the race, I got these notes in an email, they were all I needed to make it to the finish line! 
As a surprise to my friend, Jen, I signed up to run this race in November so for Christmas, I sent Jen a box with my itinerary and some pink hair dye.....let the journey begin!  I have been running for a while, but when I heard about this half marathon for children affected with CHD, I knew I had to be there!  Oh course the fact that my good close friend and warm weather were there too, this had Leah written all over it! 

I slept terribly, you know your getting old when you can't have comfortable sleep overs anymore!  I was nervous about the race, I set expectations for myself and hate letting myself down...I knew there was going to be emotions, which I am not always comfortable with, etc. but overall it was monumental for me! 

No sweat yet!  We colored a piece of our hair hot pink to match our outfits!  We were sisters in heaven who found each other on earth, I love this girl! 

Jen, Leah and Jeanette! 

On the way to the race, being a Saturday, there were tons of garage sale signs, everywhere.  I joked with Jen and said if there is any signs, I might have to make a detour.....this was the first sign and I was ready to leave her! 
But as you can see, I hung on and at this point mile 11, I wish I had left for the garage sale. 

But of course that wasn't an option...this was the home stretch uphill if I might add! That race was almost half uphill, hence my sore hip and foot.

At mile 12, Jen was like, lets sprint to the finish line, I was like heck no....I am not going any faster than this, I was pooped out!  I saw the finish line and what do you think I did? Yup, pushed it to meet my 2 hour mark!

It was so neat to be in a race, with people who were there for a purpose, to help and give of yourself. As I was running, I realized that this pain was nothing compared to what those kids have to endure.  My pain would go away in a few days, theirs wouldn't, if they even made it on this earth!  I had a moment of tears on the run, when I was behind a lady with a picture of a baby pinned to her back, I bawled thinking of why I was in here in the first place.  Avery Ann, you have made my life into something that I have never wished for but looking back, you have changed my world into something better.  Today I walk with more love, more patience, more understanding, more hope, more desire to be better than I was!  I know that losing a child is not a trial anyone should have to endure, but I can truly say that it has defined me and my life for the best.

I was not praying but stretching......the pain was worth the glory....and I will do it again!  I don't know that I could have done it without Jen, she and her family were all there supporting and cheering us on, along with angels from above! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3A State Swim Team Boys take State!

What a Day it was!  It was a very eventful weekend to say the least!
Austin's father flew in from Tuscon, to support Austin and it turned out to be a fantastic time. 

This kid has an amazing spirit about him.......Praying before his 100 Breaststroke Swim!

This is the one and ONLY Gold 1st Place that Wasatch got over the entire weekend.
Ben Kowalis, Austin, Troy Olgivie and Paul Mair won the 200 Freestyle Relay! 
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 These little guys look up to Austin more than he really realizes... The whole swim team dyed their hair black for the State Meet and they so wanted to be just like Austin so we did the same to their hair.  They now don't want to cut if off either.
Living in a small town sure does have some perks others don't.  When the team came into town after the meet, they stopped and had all the team get onto the fire trucks and parade down main street.  Then they went to the high school and we had a pizza party...then they went to a teammates home for an after the party type of party~
The events keep happening as this is the first state title that Wasatch High School has ever gotten in swimming period! 

These boys made history, not only that but with only one gold first place ribbon.  They have consistent and competitive swimmers across the board, not just a few that make the team what it is.  We won because of the overall strength of the swim team and we consistently scored points.  Even with losing almost 30 points from a DQ and then Austin's race where he had to re race it just five minutes after something caused a false start.  Ugh Ugh..I was so angry Austin used all his energy to swim it the first time and ultimately missing out on a 6th place ribbon! 

Its all over and done with but the memories are still so fresh, we are way proud of that team!