Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011.... Bring it on!

Happy Year 2011!  We chose to stay in warm St. George over the new year, although warm was a subjective term considering it was a mere 35-40 degrees.  When I think warm that is usually not the temp. I reference.  However, no complaints from me as we missed the largest snow storm of the year and I was able to run outside and enjoy the scenery of the red mountians with snow topped dusty peaks!  Red rocks and white snow, what a delightful view.  We didn't get snow at our place, but there was several inches of snow in the higher elevations. 

We both were like quick get the camera....this is such a sweet picture to us!  I hope in years to come that they can look back at these posts and pics and remember all the fun we had together and the things we did.

We had a fun night with just the two little boys, dancing, eating, more dancing, playing games and just enjoying one another.  We really were looking forward to the first night St. George, but it was too darn cold at night to even venture outside, so we enjoyed the fireplace...even roasted marshmallows over the open flame.

Our new family goal this year, we opted out of to have less screaming and yelling and loudness!  I can tell you, its half way through the first month and our home is much more peaceful and less stressful. 
I hope you all are enjoying what 2011 may bring.  Remember how important your thoughts and actions are!
  It’s not how good you are. It’s how good you want to be. 
Make 2011 your year to be the best you can be!

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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Christmas time is always a fun time!

So often we forget about the Christmas season with all of the parties, gifts, to do lists, and such that the time we get to reflect back on what just happened is when the dust begins to settle!  Like now when I was putting away the Christmas stuff I was able to enjoy the ornaments I got when I was a young girl, reminisce about my past years of Santa joys.  I wish it was the other way around but its not, so I will relish in the time I have now to do that. 
I have always wanted a nativity set, my grandmother and aunt made them years ago in ceramics class and they have always reminded me of them.  This year I was able to grab this gorgeous pearled ceramic Nativity from the thrift store for $10.00.  I was in my glory as I always am when I find a deal, but the best part was that Steve made me the manger right before Christmas and truthfully it was my favorite gift.  I will treasure this piece of Christmas forever and hope that my children will have the fond memories that I do of my family Nativity. 

The tree that I wanted was over $600, so we used our old tree this year and I will have my 12 ft. tree for 2011!  It was so cozy and cute, we enjoyed each night laying around watching TV, reading or watching meow meow fish for ornaments in the tree! 

Santa's sleigh was full this year, the ping pong table took over the family room and now its taken over a room in the basement.  Kaden broke it on the second day but Dad got it repaired in no time.  Its even stronger now!

But it just wasn't all presents this year, the notorious coal has found its way into the Hallowsboys stockings.  Yes, I was about 7 when I first found the coal in my own stocking so it must be the year for that.  They of course thought it was a novelty, proudly displaying their pieces.  When we went over to grandma and grandpa's for Christmas dinner....that was the item they brought to share!  I think the point was missing....

Warning label on the ping pong table read.............

The boys and our family were very blessed for the holiday season....We had a good time, plenty of gifts and love and snow!