Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011.... Bring it on!

Happy Year 2011!  We chose to stay in warm St. George over the new year, although warm was a subjective term considering it was a mere 35-40 degrees.  When I think warm that is usually not the temp. I reference.  However, no complaints from me as we missed the largest snow storm of the year and I was able to run outside and enjoy the scenery of the red mountians with snow topped dusty peaks!  Red rocks and white snow, what a delightful view.  We didn't get snow at our place, but there was several inches of snow in the higher elevations. 

We both were like quick get the camera....this is such a sweet picture to us!  I hope in years to come that they can look back at these posts and pics and remember all the fun we had together and the things we did.

We had a fun night with just the two little boys, dancing, eating, more dancing, playing games and just enjoying one another.  We really were looking forward to the first night St. George, but it was too darn cold at night to even venture outside, so we enjoyed the fireplace...even roasted marshmallows over the open flame.

Our new family goal this year, we opted out of to have less screaming and yelling and loudness!  I can tell you, its half way through the first month and our home is much more peaceful and less stressful. 
I hope you all are enjoying what 2011 may bring.  Remember how important your thoughts and actions are!
  It’s not how good you are. It’s how good you want to be. 
Make 2011 your year to be the best you can be!

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Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Oh that looks so fun... we are going to have to rent out that condo of yours sometime... I'm getting so sick of winter already!

Boswella said...

What a positive blog... and yes.. that is a wonderful positive thought for the new year. That picture of the little guys in front of the fireplace was precious :) oh how children grow too fast.

Love, Mom xoxoxo

Aunt Sandy said...

You guys need to move to St. George I know I always say that but it's true...Glad you had a great Christmas and New Year...I'm also looking forward to a New Year filled with happiness and love for all my family and close friends. Love you, Auntie

Greg and Heidi said...

I got your registration! 1/2 Marathon. Wowzers! You look awesome. Make sure you find me. I hope you can feel Avery near that day.