Thursday, September 04, 2008

School has begun!

Well it was a week ago now and we are all finally adjusting to the new schedule and life. Austin started high school oh my gosh I have a high schooler...I don't look like I am out of high school yet!!! Hehe He is on the swim team at school and loving it...they are doing water polo now its a work out he is pooped all the time. He couldn't play football cuz his wound on his leg wouldn't heal completely and it might have gotten ripped open and he or me didn't wanted to chance that. I think he just wants to wear a speedo wink wink! Well he is liking school after changing his schedule 3 times I think we got it...It was a bit too easy for him and we wanted him to try to get a bit more rigorous schedule to help him with his future that is finally done now, he is taking Spanish so I am excited to be able to communicate and practice with him when he finally can say something other than hola! He is going hunting next week with Steve they got a Bull Elk permit which I hear are hard to come by and they have a hunting guide on private property which should mean they are guaranteed some form of elk. They are starting shooting practice so he doesn't hit Grandpa Fred or Grandpa Hallows on the trip. I think it is going to be a memorable male bonding trip...I will post again when the hunt is over.

Colton is in Kindergarten at Jolley Kids and he goes 4 hours a day and then a full day on Thursday and I love that...He starts Karate today too...he thinks he is a ninja and wants the uniform only. He is so sweet and the new food and herb regime we have him on is working wonders, he is new and improved for the better. Its Kade now that is giving us a hard time...He is a complete Klutz he falls, slips stuff, runs into things multiple times a day its constantly a cry for help from him. He is really sweet and loves his new cat he holds her like a doll and she just lets him until she has had enough then she bites him and he lets her loose till a few more minutes pass and he has forgotten she bit him. He is in nursery school and wants to go everyday and wants to do his homework all the time. He is a bit bored at home with me alone since all his friends are in school full time now. He is gymnastics so at least he has some other activity to entertain him.

Well now that school is back in session life may have some more structure and I will keep this blog updated much better. Enjoy!!