Friday, July 11, 2008

Trying to update this more frequently

But as you know its not always easy to sit in front of a computer with 3 boys needing something from you all the time. Plus the internet is a time hog, if I don't take control of it...So updated some things to make it more aesthetically pleasing....Any and all feedback is always welcome.

Well we had a very eventful last week! My sister came to visit us, great fun....then we left for Campin' Land with our friends. We had a great time...the boys love being outdoors...Steve built them a sandbox on the property under a huge tree, we made a bench on one of the fallen trees it was so perfect our friends suggested it and its so cool. Our property sits at the top of the hill and we have a view that goes on and on it seems, so we make this bench to sit on and watch the sunset...of course I am so exhausted at sunset time that I didn't get to see it...But next time.

On Saturday, Austin was riding Steve's ATV, a powerful, big machine, and went down a much to steep hill and rolled the ATV over him and his passenger (a 10 yr. old boy with NO helmet on) and we ended up going to the ER for 50 stitches. The Doc on duty said you are so lucky the stick didn't penetrate deeper because it was right over his main artery in his leg. He was scared and worried, but it wasn't bleeding a lot so I felt like it was gonna be ok. He is doing well despite scratches and bruises all over his body.
Kaden turned 4 on Monday, July 7th....My baby is growing up...He said if I turned 4 that means I am still little right? So you still have to wipe my butt....and no more sippy cups right? That kid is so funny. We rented a inflatable castle jump/bounce house and it had a water slide attached to it as well...It was a huge hit literally...Then I made a snake cake, the boys thought that was so cool. It was a busy and exhausting day! Everyone had a great time, including daddy and mommy going down the water slide. Oh course Austin had to sit on the side watching because he couldn't get his stitches wet yet...too high of a chance of infection.

Steve's birthday is this Sunday....good ole 37th birthday....Wow we met 8 years ago in September.

We have been doing some fun stuff on our home lately...stamped a patio in the front area to sit on with our chairs and relax...which we don't do enough of....and then we are building a pergola over our existing deck in the back, that should be done next week...we are really looking forward to that since we face West at night and early morning is the only time we can use our deck in the summer because its so hot and sunny. We want to eat dinner out there, so this pergola will allow us some shade finally. I will send pictures when it complete next week. I have been painting all the wood this week so that they can start framing on Monday.

Life is never dull and always full, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cowboy Colton and Kaden

Are these not the cutest boys you have seen...Their bedroom now that they share a room is cowboy theme. So my sister made them each a scrapebook page for their wall and so we had them dress up in their cowboy duds and we took these photos from our backyard. It was perfect time and the scenery was fantastic....The gods were watching out for us...since it took them forever to get dressed. Yikes that was a nightmare they hate to be told what to do! Posted by Picasa