Thursday, September 14, 2006

Life in the fast lane

Colton loves his preschool. Kade always wants to go with him. The other day at the table eating lunch Colton said, "Cambrey showed me her underwear at preschool today!", oh really what did you say?", I asked. He replied, thank you!" He is a trip I swear I just can't explain him. Austin is doing much better with his injuries. He had his first football game, he didn't get to play a lot but his first play was an interception and he ran it back for 10 yards breaking a few tackles along the way. He is such a handsome loving boy. He loves school they girls are starting to surface on little notes I find in his pockets. "who do you like? Call me Jordan 654-1234 oh my!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Well today was the first day of school for Colton. He was all prepared ready to go with his backpack and 4 popsicles in there which I had to promptly remove or the teachers might not like me too much the first day. I think he was worried they would not have snacks there or something. Clearly 2 hours was not enough time for me, but he enjoyed it.

The camping adventure

Well it all began with the packing of the trailer...we were all set to go when Colton comes running in the garage and says MOM, I had an accident. My mind wonders to what could it be this time.....well I turn around and his entire face is covered with blood along with his arms....I said oh my goodness what happened? I sneezed and got blood...He had blood on his eyelids it was a huge mess...I was so worried he could obviously tell cuz he said, don't worry mom I will be alright, its ok. Then Kade stubbed his big toe so badly that he lost the nail it was all swollen on the trip and we looked at it last night and its gone, sicko as Colton would say. The boys loved camping land as they call it being outdoors and fishing and riding the four wheelers...A heaven for the male species. They even like the dirt. Colton was roasting starburst candy over an unlight fire pit, pulling worms in half and as you will see from the pics always wearing a helmet whether it fit or NOT. At least he had on a helmet that is more than I can say for Austin...who decided to ride a bike with no brakes down a hill. Don't worry he was able to stop only he had to use his face and hands. See pic for the graphics. Other than that all was great food, fun and family can't complain at all.