Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend!

I am so cold, even in the house, I just want to snuggle with a blankie and my computer by the tree until April.  I soooooo get why animals hibernate now!  They have the right idea.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, just us in St. George.  It was cold there too, but not in the single digits, like Heber.  We are thankful we have a home, a job, each other and great things in our lives.  I said a gratitude prayer on Thanksgiving night and I think it was over 5 minutes long of just counting and thanking my Heavenly Father for all my blessings.  We did a similar thing around the table, we each shared individually what we were thankful for, then we each said one thing we were thankful for about every one of us.  It was very emotional, healthy and funny all at the same time.  Well Colton made it funny, when it was his turn to say what he was thankful for about Kaden, he said,"can't I say what I am not thankful for about him...cuz he is evil and mean" and we all cracked up, we told him we would come back to him...and each time..he just kept saying he is evil and mean.  He finally did say a nice thing after we threatened him with having to clean up all the Thanksgiving dishes.  Which took over an hour to clean...why is it that you cook for hours, clean up for hours, and only eat for 20 minutes?  What is wrong here, oh and I almost forgot, plan and shop for a few hours too! 

I cooked everything myself, first time for that and it was so yummy....Steve cooked the bird, as I refuse to touch that thing!  Kaden even was like, what is that Dad?, its gross, I am not eating that...well he did, as it was sooooo good.  Its amazing how a $6.00 turkey (which in reality I got paid $4.00 to buy it, but that is another paragraph) has provided us with 7 yes I said 7 meals.    Thanksgiving dinner, lunch the following day, dinner that night, I am making Wild Rice and turkey soup for me and another family out of the carcasss, 2 freezer meals with the left over meat.  Now that is stretching a dollar....

Speaking of dollars, I did the Black Friday gig, never again....what a waste of time, literally got my 4 items in 10 minutes, waited in line for yes.....2 hours......I am the most impatient person I know. If it wasn't for my phone and solitaire, it could have been a whole lot worse. I did it and can say I did...next year I sleep and buy on Cyber Monday, the deals were awesome there too!

Which brings me to my other paragraph.  I have been so busy with all the rebates that are out right now, I can hardly organize them.  Tonight I had to get them all ready to be sent out and I have to date sent out $315 worth of them, with about $100 more to mail in.  That is actual dollars that will be sent to me in the mail.  Yippee....especially when they come floating in the mailbox after Christmas along with the Amex bill!  And then.....all the deals I got at Garage sales this summer, I saved them in a box and sold them on Ebay for a net of $320.00!  I think I should say Merry Christmas to me!  So I bought myself a few gifts just in case I didn't get them from Santa this year.  Hehe!  I love a surprise, NOT!   Its amazing what people spend on Christmas....I sold a game that I bought for $1.00 to someone on ebay for $102.00.  I can't believe someone would pay that for a 30 year old electronic game!  That was my claim to fame sale of the year!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Halloween Good times!

Really the pics would be enough but, Colton was a Ninja, he couldn't resist the sword purchasing opportunity at the store!  He sure is a consumer just like his mama!

Oh yes Steve was classic 80's stud!  He was wearing ladies size 17 stretch, skinny acid washed jeans...His brothers Loverboy "Get Lucky" Tour 1982 shirt!  He was so perfect with his mullet, he had some unseen confidence that night as he tried to breakdance on the dance floor...he leaned down to politely tell him that he forgot, he was never allowed to dance in public and he accidently kicked me in the lip!  He was grooving or so he thought he was! 

 This picture is so what we would have been like it we met 25 years ago!  I seriously was dressed the way I would have dressed back then...minus the blond wig of course!  Feather earrings and all!

Kaden was a computer geek/nerd, he played the part well too....He said in his classroom that the teacher told him he had the best costume....I couldn't agree more, you could just eat him up he was so precious.
Our wonderful neighbor, Sally, the boys consider her to be their other grandma!  Every day is trick or treating for them at her house....they get a piece of candy after school each day from her.  They love it. I hate it...sometimes we have to do a vacation from the vaction though.

Notice the empty beer bottle in Steve's back pocket....he thought that was a cute addition to his costume.....we went to another party before ours and got it!  I don't think Steve has tasted beer even!  Man that was some makeup job!  Blue grey eyeshadow better never come back in style or I am boycotting...just like the skinny jeans, I hate them still.
Crazy hair day at school!  Colton said almost won!  I think it was way cool!

Notice the tattoo, the hat and the skinny jeans....I would say this should be a costume in itself???? 

I found this picture on another camera and had to add to the post....he is so funny with the arygle socks and computer bag!  Pocket protector and all!

Gotta love the walkman attached to my belt baby....couldn't find any cassettes though to play in it....Colton asked me, "Mom what is a cassette?"  I am getting old I think!
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