Monday, February 23, 2009

15 years ago today.....I had my first son, it makes my eyes fill with tears as they grow up so fast.
Today, my eyes are filled with tears of joy for the wonderful young man he has become!

Kaden is a dad in the making....this baby Jario might have to be added to the will, she is so permanent a fixture.
He is so proud of the fact that he has lost a tooth!

Happy Birthday Austin! Austin is 15 years old today.....Oh my goodness I feel old too then! Actually I am very proud of my son and all his accomplishments and the young man he has become. As I am preparing to birth my 4th child any time now, and I can remember oh so well the eager anticipation of being a first time mom. Austin has taught me so many lessons in life and has brought me so many blessings in life as well. I can't believe the qualities this boy has and how each day he stresses me out but yet can turn that around with his charm, humor, and Witt! At 5'7 1/2" tall, 138 lbs. and size enormous feet, with a head full of thick brown hair (that he tried to dye black at swim party) he is simply gorgeous and I am not just saying that, he is a looker, no mother could be prouder! He finished out his swim team being an alternate for the state championship, but never ended up needing to swim, however the boys took 2nd in the State of Utah and their coach won Coach of the Year. I think next year will be a big year for him swimming wise. He is now trying out for the High School Baseball team. He is doing well academically in school but sometimes that teenager attitude in him gets him into some trouble in the mouth department. No his braces are finally off, but he can debate and argue and lip off like the best of them. But his mom is no sissy here and will take on his challenges any day....and I always get the final say! Colton oh Colton....As many of you know...I have restricted his diet to eliminate artificial flavoring, coloring and high fructose corn syrup...not entirelly but very small amounts! And with Colton's personality, much like mine...He likes to take matters into his own hands...I was cleaning his room this morning and looked under the bed to find....a half gallon of vanilla ice cream, scoop and all, and the Klondike bars I bought for myself melted. There was GRATEFULLY no was all in the containers thank goodness. He finds ways around things which as a parent scares me. He is going to be the one to watch. Colton does have a very sweet and loving side which he shares with me often. He and I have a very special bond together and I hope we can keep that nurtured and strong as he grows to be a teenager! Last week he lost his first tooth, it become loose on Monday and he had it yanked out by Thursday. Now he has another one loose but he hasn't fussed with that one much, he got a $2 bill from the tooth fairy which he was quite pleased about. Kaden for the past month has been carrying around this baby doll from my niece she was getting rid of it at at garage sale and Kaden pulled it out of the discard pile to put in his own pile. Well about a month ago he pulled it out and Jario has been a permanent fixture in his life. She is changed, diaper and all daily, feed and taken everywhere he goes. It has gone to show and tell 3 weeks in a row, the teacher said two week ago that he told the kids they could "pet" it but last week he said "no one can touch her, she is special to me"! I am so touched by his nurturing and loving side but it makes me wonder what he is thinking. Maybe this is his way of preparing for Avery, whom he calls Avery Ann, not just Avery. Steve and I are anxiously awaiting the new addition to our family with much anticipation and anxiety. We know things will be different but not sure how, when, etc. I have put my real estate license on inactive status and don't plan to do any selling/buying for a while. Life and things have taken on new meaning to us. We hope that life won't change too too much in a negative way but are willing to accept all that our Heavenly Father has in store. I hope that I can keep this blog updated as it is a great escape and I am sure someday when I look back on it...I will be glad I did it. Until next time....