Saturday, May 31, 2008

As usual time flies by to fast

Well summer or spring I should say has finally made its way to Heber Valley Utah. I was outside today and got an actual burn I was so excited. The boys played in the sun for hours on end. Colton was so excited to go outside and play that he forgot to put on some clothes, but thank goodness he remembered his helmet though.

Kade told me today to please put on his babushka/handkerchief over his head because he had to go and babysit the neighbor kids. He looked like a little old grandma! It was precious but I had no camera around. Kade loves to ride with big brother, he says he wants to ride with no training wheels now cuz he is a big boy.

Austin just spent a week at EFY which is the church based youth camp. He came home and said it was the most amazing and awesome experience. He danced every song at the dances he said, they had lots of spiritual classes, fireside, etc. He wants to go back again next year.
We are going on vacation to Arizona next week so for sure we are going to experience heat like no other..but I am not complaining its been way cold here for over 6 months.
Enjoy the post..I know they are few and far but at least I am making an effort.