Friday, June 11, 2010

Schools out for Summer....

Kaden with his kindergarten teacher, Miss Dahl, he loved her.  One day he told me, "I am going to marry Tessa, since she doesnt' have a dad yet!"  Then the next day he said that he was going to move to China with her.  I said how will you support her, get a job at a bank.  How sweet is that? 
He has an animal report to do the last week of school, so he choose a snake to do it on, we borrowed our neighbors snake, RAY.  It was a hit, Kaden loved the attention and getting a chance to use the microphone was a hit for him as well. 

It was the first official first day of summer vacation today, I am not sure how I am going to get through summer if it is anything like today.  Chaos, chaos, chaos......Colton refused to do the homework book that last week he was estatic about.  He told me I am the worst mom in the world, he left his report card and water park pass at the baseball field.

Kaden of course was all excited, he couldn't wait to do his homework book, did his chores without me asking and he told me how much he loved about polar opposites! 

We are babysitting a snake for the weekend, I HATE snakes and so does Steve..if that thing gets out, I am moving.  Maybe the cat will get it instead.  No she won't......Colton has it in the closet with the door closed and the light on, he says it needs warmth or it will die....great idea, I think I will put it outside tonight!  Its only going to be 39 degrees tonight, sure hope the garden makes it since winter hasn't left Heber yet. 
I was at the nursery yesterday and was asking the attendent what vegetables have the the shortest maturation time.....he was like does it really matter???? Yes, when your season is 45 days long.  I have come to the conclusion that you need just freakin buy the veggies at the store to avoid this.  I keep having to return the plants as they are turning up dead often from the cold! 

Enough complaining about the weather and the pea size hail we had on both Sunday and Monday night, its Summer vacation and we are going to enjoy it to the fullest.  I have us packed with trips, camp outs, days trips, and much more!  I love the summer time it really invigorates my spirit like I need any more invigorating.  I love to wake up and have nothing specific going on that day too, so that is what we did today.....until the boys wanted to go to the local skate park.  It was a windy cool day, but that didn't stop them..they had a blast with the skater dudes as they call them. Colton said, they think I am so cool mom!  Yeah Colton, I bet they do!  What a role model, NOT!!!!  Tight purpleskinny jeans...who manufactured those things?