Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The picture download was not working before!

Maybe not once a week

I thought I would wait until Halloween but I said I would try to do this at least once a week, that might be a stretch though. Anyway....nothing really exciting to report lately...except Kade's choice words for few new things he has discovered. I bought a step stool so I can reach the shelves in my closet that are 10 feet high...why would any builder make shelves that high..its so frustrating trying to put stuff up there then need it again the next day of course being the 5'3" that I am...Well Kade got onto the stool and noticed my jewelry box and jewels...he was in his glory. Donning everything that he saw that sparkled or not! He was yelling for me to show me all the "jerley" he found. So now we ask him to say jerley all the time..its really precious.

Austin will soon get his cast of but not soon enough if you ask him. He is anxious to play basketball again but we are not sure if that is gonna happen. We are going to sign him up for guitar lesson I think soon so he has some extra curricular activity to entertain him.

Colton loves preschool...this week they have their halloween party he is gonna be a pirate..but has changed his mind several times already...too bad so sad the costume is bought..they are both going to be pirates..they are fighting over who is going to wear the earring though. I might have to break down and buy 2!
Kade crys when we won't paint his nails...a bit worried there!

Well we just got our itinerary for our 3rd cruise of the year....Mexican Riveria on December 1st for a week. We are excited about it and hope that the weather is better there than it will be here...With over 8 inches of snow we are going to be in for a long winter I believe.

Well enough for now...I think I might hire Julie to do this for me...just kidding

Friday, October 05, 2007

It has been 10 months since last Blog!

Well all is well now life sure has been hectic lately. I have not really anything exciting or earth shattering to report...just a few updates... We moved in May, we love our new home, but it takes so much time to get things the way you want and need. We have been busy traveling this summer with and without the boys...enjoying the funny and not so funny things they say to us each and every day!

Last night I was making dinner and Kade was sitting at the island on the barstool and he asked me, "what we havin tonight mom?" So grown up! Kade is an absolute angel, he says I love you all the time, wants you to hold and kiss him....well the other one, read on to see how he is

I told Colton we had to go to church the other morning so he needed to get dressed, he said, "church sucks" so matter of factly.
Colton had pictures today at school, he so did NOT want to wear his church clothes obviously, but he did.......however he wanted to wear his hair in a mohawk no negotiating there he won! Colton is truly me in every way except appearance. He is very sensitive to smells, noises, doesn't stop talking, wants to do it his way ONLY, he is never wrong, doesn't mind, yells and uses any word that is inappropriate that he has heard from anyone...especially Austin whom he truly adores and looks up too!

Austin is for sure a 13 1/2 year old teenager....he is very sweet too when he wants to something, I mean when he wants to be.....He was playing football till he fractured his growth plate in his right ankle, now he is mastering the Playstation. He likes not having any chores although the dr. said in a week he can start to walk on it so he will be helping out again around here...Grandma Barbara's visit sure did spoil him. He has no one to do stuff for him now...cuz I have plenty to keep me busy.

I really like the idea of this blog thing, but I think I like better reading what other people write rather than write my own stuff. Needless to say that is why you haven't seen anything in 10 months. Its really like a journal entry so I better keep up with it either in my journals or here...Cuz you don't remember what these kids say from day to day..cuz the new things are so frequent!