Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Griswold Family Party!

Cousin Eddy's children!
We all fit nicely into Clark's family room!
Kaden was the first to open his gift, his words exactly, "I always wanted this!" Daddy said, what is it?, Kaden replied, "I don't know!"
Clark didn't sit much this night however, his family sure was gracious in hosting this Griswold Christmas Party!
The dessert left us all speechless, except Leah. She never is speechless!
Austin seems to believe that he is the man of the house trying very hard to convince the cousins of the same.
The college cousin got a well needed package full of highly nutritious meals to keep his figure and bank account in check.
This hat has been a big hit amongst the follow Griswold's
The position for most during the evening.
This is the Hallows' aka Griswold Family, minus Dad and Mom Hallows' who are serving an LDS Mission in Independence, Missouri. We sure do miss them!
Our cousin Rusty, aka Zach really is very well suited for this hat!
It sure was a terrific evening, everyone got such great fun gifts, hopefully everyone was very happy. The food was super good as usual. Steve made fun of Leah's Raspberry Pretzel Salad but everyone else loved it. Mom would be so proud of my jello salad experience while she is away. There might be some competition when she returns. Barry and Lanett aka Clark and Ellen really did a wonderful job at hosting this event in their home. We played a game of Cranium with each family being a team, all the kids even participated, it was fun but the President of the family Marcia, thought we should open gifts as the kids were anxious, that is by far their favorite part. Cassidy got a digital camera from Santa and she learned lots of new tricks yesterday on how to use it, she will soon be showcasing a video presentation to all at the next family gathering. I think this Christmas was wonderful and I hope that 2010 brings us all much happiness and blessings beyond our desires.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Christmas Tree decorating Event

Everyone wanted to help except when we had to decorate the top half of the 12 foot tree. Its a beaut Clark, Steven said and it sure it. Its also so large that it takes up almost half of my family room. We traded trees with our neighbor this year, as they needed a smaller one and we needed a bigger one since we they ran out of tree permits this year. Its a fake one but if its possible to say, its really growing on me. I leave it on all the time, its so festive and bright and since we didn't put it up until a week after Thanksgiving I want to get my time with it as it will go down pretty quickly after the man comes. Which is another story. Colton and Kaden think that it would be so cool to catch me kissing Santa Claus this year. They are really taking to the music and magic of Christmas they are 5 and 6 now, and might be Colton's last year of believing as he is already questioning who is real and who is a fake Santa. He is too smart for himself, I tried to spell something out the other night to Steve and Colton was like that spells plant! I might have to learn Portuguese so we can communicate without everyone knowing what we are saying.
We also have Elfy, who is the magical elf that appears right after Thanksgiving and watches over my boys during the day and reports back to Santa on their progress. He moves spots each night and its always a treat to wake up each morning to see the excitement on their faces when they have found out where Elfy landed for the day. You can't touch Elfy or else he looses his magic power and therefore won't return the next day, that keeps them from them climbing up on things to retrieve Elfy and then ultimatly misplacing him and then I am frantic trying to find him a new resting spot for the day. He sure does have some fun spots to hide and the boys think its hilarious how he hangs on things some nights....I have been woken from a dead sleep panicing that I forgot to reposition Elfy. But all is well so far, as he has not failed us yet.
Its stinking cold here in Heber but this week, its a heat wave. We got almost a foot of wet snow last week, I embraced that stuff, got all bundled up only to be sweating an hour later from sheer exhaustion trying to build a snowman family...what was I thinking. I stopped at 3 that snow was so heavy, I could hardly lift up the middle ball to make Steve, I told him a diet was necessary. Kaden and Colton both wanted me to make sure that we made the snowMEN anotomically correct! but and weiny are needed boys, they are snowMEN still. I think next time it snows, I will get the other kids done. For now, I enjoy the snow, as its beautiful for the holiday season...after that you can leave it up in the sky.
I did have a picture of the tree all finished decorated but I can't seem to get it downloaded without a lot of trouble so maybe next time.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Twas the Disneyland Vacation

It all began on a cold windy day

hoping not to be halted along the way

We journeyed along

For what felt like so long

To the stop of the day

Las Vegas OK!

My kids were all frightened by sights not usually seen

I tried to detract them but their eyes were a gleem

Don't look around

For the sights were not fond

They were scarred~

So they said to everyone they had met

When you go to Vegas be sure not to take the cards

of the ladies on the ground.

Then all the next day, not a car was moving, not even an foot

but you sure got the look

move your car or you will get took

No one cared, they sped by as if on wings

Then halted to stop just moments away

for a day and a life on the LA freeway.

We made headway that day to Disneyland we will stay

Not for a moment, not for an hour, we did not stop to ponder

We dashed and we dreaded the next line where we were headed

The boys all armed in their strollers, due to mom and dad now with bad shoulders

No longer could we contain the excitement, for the drive home would be SUCH enjoyment

We journeyed we traveled, we arrived back in Utah without any hassles

The trip is now ended, with pictures in tow, so long Disneyland until my grandkids have to go!