Friday, December 04, 2009

Twas the Disneyland Vacation

It all began on a cold windy day

hoping not to be halted along the way

We journeyed along

For what felt like so long

To the stop of the day

Las Vegas OK!

My kids were all frightened by sights not usually seen

I tried to detract them but their eyes were a gleem

Don't look around

For the sights were not fond

They were scarred~

So they said to everyone they had met

When you go to Vegas be sure not to take the cards

of the ladies on the ground.

Then all the next day, not a car was moving, not even an foot

but you sure got the look

move your car or you will get took

No one cared, they sped by as if on wings

Then halted to stop just moments away

for a day and a life on the LA freeway.

We made headway that day to Disneyland we will stay

Not for a moment, not for an hour, we did not stop to ponder

We dashed and we dreaded the next line where we were headed

The boys all armed in their strollers, due to mom and dad now with bad shoulders

No longer could we contain the excitement, for the drive home would be SUCH enjoyment

We journeyed we traveled, we arrived back in Utah without any hassles

The trip is now ended, with pictures in tow, so long Disneyland until my grandkids have to go!


secondchances said...



Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

So cute!! Oh, the poor boys, Vegas is just such a scary place for little ones. Disneyland sounds fabulous!! It was so great to see you last night!

Aunt Sandy said...

So glad you had fun, great pictures, I loved the poem, it says it all HA! I bet the boys are still talking about it :)

Jen VanderLinden said...

You are so creative. Looks like you had a blast in Disneyland. I missed while you were gone.

Aimee Hardy said...

I looked all over for you while we were there but didn't find you. I'm so glad you had a good trip.