Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Elk Hunt was successful!

Well I won't say he is a mighty hunter just yet but he sure enjoyed it! Austin wanted to tell me all about it but I couldn't shoot an animal no matter what it is so I dont' have details on it...all I know is he got it in one shot from 375 yards away with a big gun, scope and some guts.....He was on a high for quite some time.

Maybe he will add to my post when he wakes up this morning or afternoon, dang teenagers can sleep...I think I was like that myself. Not the little ones they are up at the crack of dawn wanting to eat, drink, play outside in their jammies and then there is the cat who wants me to feed her, let her out or turn on the faucet so she can drink some fresh water...she won't drink from a bowl, spoiled.

Fall is coming here and really I can't believe I am saying this but its a refreshing change of scenery and weather...still warm but nice outside to do chores, walk, play with the kids and the rain seems to come at just the right times..when we need it most. I like to be inside and work around the house when its raining...I love to hear the rain even more but our ceilings are so darn high we can't hear it.

We are diligently trying to finish the 3 rooms and bath in our basement. When we bought the house it only had the family room and storage room finished....we are thinking about moving the boys down stairs to make room for the new addition to our family that is due in March. Yes, don't fall off your chair...I too never thought I would be the proud mommy of 4 children but I am happy to say we are all excited...Colton and Kaden are really excited...they will make great big brothers we hope.

I thought our new little girl kitty would be enough for my craving to have a girl baby but it wasn't. We are hopeful for a girl but expecting a boy of course...We will not be finding out what it is either so don't ask....Kiki is also pregnant as well for those of you who know we will be pregnant at the same time but she is only 2 weeks along and I am 4 months.

I am not trying to brag but my super talented husband has done it again......But I will!

Yes, he has won yet another trip the 3rd one this year....however this time its different, we get to take the money and go where we want to go, so we are going to take the kids with us somewhere. We have to go within 2 months and we are leaving for a Mexican Cruise in a its gonna be hard to plan something that fast...I would like to get a winter cabin somewhere who knows we haven't really found out what we are gonna do...maybe go see my mom??? Hadn't thought of that one yet, MOM?