Thursday, September 14, 2006

Life in the fast lane

Colton loves his preschool. Kade always wants to go with him. The other day at the table eating lunch Colton said, "Cambrey showed me her underwear at preschool today!", oh really what did you say?", I asked. He replied, thank you!" He is a trip I swear I just can't explain him. Austin is doing much better with his injuries. He had his first football game, he didn't get to play a lot but his first play was an interception and he ran it back for 10 yards breaking a few tackles along the way. He is such a handsome loving boy. He loves school they girls are starting to surface on little notes I find in his pockets. "who do you like? Call me Jordan 654-1234 oh my!

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TheAbsenteeUncle said...

Yes, young boys show no fear. It's a good thing, it builds ones self-esteem. We would all have little fear of anything if we weren't told to be careful all the time growing up. Tell my nephews to go have at it.