Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Kaden says the funniest things now

Where is Colton? He just couldn't get enough books in the bed that night.

Kaden got stung by a bee today and he told me that he doesn't want the bee to eat him!

That band aid picture is one from another boo boo he received when he bumped his lip...insists on a band aid for all ouches!

I asked him how much he loved me and he told me "Too much"

Kaden told me that he was sick the other night while I was doing our rock a bye ritual and I said what is sick? my cheek I just laughed and laughed he is such a joy of child.

When you ask him to do something he says, OK in the most tender voice its precious.

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BABS224 said...


How I miss those boys. Kaden really looks like Steven with those green eyes. But he could have gotten them from me too.

Beautiful boys.. and Colton, what a trip.