Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Number 36 Fullback Wasatch Wasps

Austin loves sports more than anything else I think...and so does his brother. He had a great game with a touchdown and a interception... He is doing well in school too with all A's and one B+ which he is trying hard to bring up but his forgetfulness gets him in trouble. He is so darn handsome as you can see from the pic well maybe not. Everyday he comes up to me and measures how tall he is getting anxiously waiting to bypass my height. Sooner than later its gonna happen...he has only an inch to go, its not saying much that he is gonna be taller than me but I don't let him in on that secret! He has size 10 in men's shoes now....Huge freakin boats. Its funny to watch the little boys put on his shoes and try to walk around they look like they could ski in them. Well off to do something while they are all asleep.

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BABS224 said...

Oh how handsome he is. and I will bet he will be at least 5'11''

I am so proud of him and his love of sports. Its a great direction for him.