Friday, October 20, 2006

Cooking skills

Well it seems as though Colton has gotten some cooking skills that I didn't have nor want. Maybe from the other side of the family. What 3 1/2 year old do you know who can cook? He has made when I was up in the shower, waffles with butter and syrup for himself and Kade, oatmeal for himself and kade, a milkshake with the blender and most recently he made popcorn and didn't even burn it. He always wants to bake something....I have to constantly watch everything he does, he is so destructive sometimes.

Halloween is around the corner and Colton can't decide what he wants to be but I have decided for him...He wears all the costumes we have around the house sometimes changing them 3 times a day. He will be Buzz Lightyear and Kaden will be Woody from Toy Story. Colton put on his Buzz costume, got on the kitchen table and proceeded to fly literally tried to fly...He soon discovered he couldn't but that didn't stop him.

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BABS224 said...

Oh how funny is he. I mean it.. this child is YOU all the way Leah. You cooked all the time when you were little. Bless his heart. :)
Love, Grandma Barbara