Friday, November 24, 2006


Was uneventful...we went out to eat cuz I hate to cook and it seemed like a project I didn't want to endure and it was a holiday, don't I get those days off in my job? It was a buffet but the boys each wanted us to hold them so how do you hold a kid and get two plates full of food? Well we never figured it out either but, we did manage ok. I am still full from the days events but at 6pm last night we all were like, are you hungry? me too now what? Cereal?

Steve and I decided to try getting up at 5am to be at the stores but 6am....we made it by 7am and it was so crowded and apparently everyone was so excited to get up and spend their money that they forgot to put on deodorant. There was that many people and it stunk!!!!! Yuck, I said honey its not worth it to save $5.00 here and there...I save us so much money all year long lets go out to eat. We made it home with some good deals but I am done with that ordeal for the rest of my life!

The boys are wonderful, messy, cute, a pain, hard, sweet, and expensive...Austin costs us a fortune this year. He wants expensive stuff these days. We he deserves it. He got all A's on his report card 3.8 GPA and his team won their Football Championship for league. He is one heck of a kid I say! Plus not to mention he is so good looking, of course he doesn't want his haircut lately its the style or so he says...I think he is much cuter with short hair.

Colton is a pill, wait I mean Colton needs to be on pills. He wears me out. He is so cute yet such a devil at the same time...I dont' understand it. I know mom he is me...Steve always says don't get mad at him Leah, he is you in my body!

Kaden is our angel he is sweeter than any of my boys. Now his new thing is he knows how to take the childproof lock off the doorknobs and comes in our room in the middle of the night saying I want to stay in your bed for just a wittle bit! I promise!

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