Monday, June 02, 2008

Caribbean Cruise Trip

We had the time of our lives. Steve won this trip too! We went to Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Haiti and Cozumel. Sunshine, food and fun what more could anyone ask for!? The boys missed us lots but they are getting used to it now...we always come back to them but they are still so little they really miss us. We really did nothing but lay in the sun, eat, sleep, dance, relax and have a great time reconnecting since its so hard to do that with 3 needy boys at home.

In Jamaica we were told we had to go to Dunn's Falls. Its waterfall that end up in the sea that we started at the bottom and walked our way up to the top. It started to rain on us but it was so cool, nothing I have ever done before either. We went to Jimmy Buffett's place and danced while the husbands all watched...they aren't much in the way of the dancing machines.

Grand Cayman is absolutely gorgeous, the crystal light blue water and the white sandy beaches made you not want to get back on the boat. It was very clean, and very americanized if you will.

I could live there so could my husband because apparently that is where all the USA banks have their sweep accounts...They said there are over 500 banks on this not so big island.

Haiti was gorgeous...not in a bad section but our friends who did the zip line said that at the top of the zip lines was an armed guard with an machine gun ready to go...Yikes I am so happy we live in a free country.

The boat we went on has been the absolute nicest cruise line we have ever been on. Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas...It had a ice skating rink, a mall, a movie theater, a rock climbing wall, mini golf, surfing/flow rider. You seriously could not even have to get off the ship and be fully entertained 24/7.

We will be back there for sure..We highly recommend that ship to anyone even thinking of another line. Top of the line in our opinion.


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Sandra said...

Looks like a good time was had by all, it is good the boys are getting used to you guys going away, it is part of your life that's for sure. You guys look great, keep up the good work!
Love Auntie