Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cut off all my hair!

Everyone has been asking me about my new haircut, which I love by the way....My hubby does too and Austin said you look HOT!

We are enjoying the summer its finally here, spent last week in Arizona at our neighbors house from Heber, it was amazingly gorgeous after the ride there and back it was all worth it! The pool had a lazy river, slide, rope swing, hot tub, fire bowls....It was like a resort out side with the mini golf course, outside kitchen/bbq area and they had a full theater with a big popcorn stand. My kids had a great time so did I. Austin went to spend the week after with his dad, he came to pick him up from there. He looked so different than when I last saw him 8 years ago. Austin had a great time and he really misses his dad in his life.

We are working on our house and yard a lot it seems like lately. There is always something to do. Steve and Austin built the boys a sandbox under our deck and put up a basketball standard when I was in AZ with the little boys. We are trying to finish our basement completely we have 3 bedrooms and a bath to complete. We are in no hurry as its only more space to clean and keep track of but we have no space to house a when we do, like my sister who is coming over on Monday will have to take route in Austin's room.

Kaden learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels a couple of weeks ago and now he thinks he is superstar on two wheels...trying to ride with no hands, lifting legs off of the wheels, that is just what happens when you have older brothers I suppose. Kade will turn 4 next Monday, he is sooooooooooooo excited he has been telling us all including Austin and Steve for the last couple of months, whenever we get mad at him, he says you can't go to my party then with the most serious face. Its hard to take him seriously when he looks at us like that.

Colton is Colton. Never wears shoes or shirts out anymore...he thinks he is a stud or something I think. He is now riding the same bike Austin uses, that is when Austin is not on it. Colton wants to grow up so fast I don't like it. He really likes to imitate Austin. He will be in Kindergarten OMG...where has this time gone.

Austin is backpacking the high Uinta Forest w/ scouts right now....and has been this week. I hope he did ok he was very nervous and thought he might get lost. They had to bring in all they needed by hiking up 6 miles and camping under stars....Yikes in my opinion. I will report on this next week.

I am couponing as usual...always looking for good deals as usual I have showed a couple of friends how to do it now so it been fun sharing things we find.

Steve is enjoying his job...he moved offices in the bank a month ago so now he says he is so much more productive because he doesn't have the distractions he had before. Now he works a full 20 hours a week! Just kidding those bankers hours are true ya know!
Well got to go and gather some stones for the landscape.

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