Saturday, February 16, 2008

Life in the Hallows' Household

Well we are still enduring the winter snow, ice, wind chill, and beauty.  The snow really is gorgeous but when you tons of it, it begins to get old having to plow and shovel multiple times a day sometimes.  The snow is actually glittery and lovely but I am looking forward to the green grass and spring.  
The boys have been sledding down the piles of snow that are around our home.  Its taller than they are believe it or not.  

Colton is learning how to read now in preschool, the teacher says he is way ahead in his class and he was so excited when he passed off his phonics.  He likes to do his flashcards but more than that he likes to test me on the flashcards.  He thinks he is the teacher and me the student.  Kade actually is really learning too a lot since Colton is, he wants to its working out great for us cuz I teach once and they each learn.  I have been really enjoying being a mom, staying home with them, I got a Kitchen Aide mixer for Christmas and love it...been baking and cooking and even sewed my family room curtains.  I am going to be making curtains for my bedroom in the spring after I decide on a new comforter set.  I have to keep busy in the winter when my work is slow.  The boys have been really enjoying me being a mommy lately.  We have been playing Candy Land all the time. Colton despises loosing, as a matter of fact if he is not winning he tries to cheat so he can win.  The other night Steve went out of town with his friend, so I let Colton sleep with me and he was dreaming and sat up in bed and said, "Kade stop cheating"  guilty conscience I presume.  

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