Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wow time flies

We had a very busy last 2 months. We went to Mexico the first week in December on a trip Steve won. It was so much fun..probably the best one we have had yet...well it sure does help to know more people then you can do things with them. We left in a snow storm and came home to a snow storm, but enjoyed 85 degrees most of the week! It was lovely. We just had a fireplace installed in our basement its absolutely the most coziest place to be now. We love it down there and the room is huge so the boys drag out all their toys and play down there like its football staduim. Meaning yup they throw around the football and what nots!

Christmas was usual too much to much stuff! We have some gifts yet to open stilll but are using them for a time when they get bored and want something new! We had two trees this year on upstairs and one down....the boys decorated their tree and we cut down a 12 feet tree for the family room. It actually lasted and wasn't dropping needles with every breathe we took. I watered it 2 a day then gave it soda once as I read and wouldn't you know it worked.

Austin is doing well he got Guitar Hero for Christmas and has turned into a full fledge teenager for sure...Pictures tell a thousand words! He is snowboarding and playing basketball and just got finsihed with 4 plays in drama class, 2 of which he was the lead....He remembered all the lines and when someone forgot their lines, he was whipsering it to them on stage...So cute he has a knack for that acting bit his teacher said. I was so proud of he is getting more handsome each and every day. He has finally finally passed me in height which of course is NOT saying much cuz on a good day 5'2" and three quarters is my actual height...He is about 5'4 now.

Colton is still a handful..he is in preschool for the 2nd year now and can recognize and say all his letters...If he forgets a letter he hits his head and make a grunting sound..Just like me, he hates not to know something that he knows he knows! He is a handful but is getting easier to handle everyday. It takes so much patience to be a stay at home mom, I never realized it, going to work is WAY easier. I used to think the opposite was true, boy was I wrong.

Kaden can't get anymore precious but he does all the time. He is always saying, "MOM?" I say what Kaden, he says, "I love you" sometimes he even does it to Colton and Austin which is rare cuz they are always picking on the litttle guy. He was saying his prayers last night and said thank you to god for turning on the snow! He blesses everything that comes to his mind and loves going to church. Well at least there is one saint in our family!

Steve and I are well. We had a great 2007 and look forward to the many joys that I am sure 2008 will bring. I am actually don't fall off the chair really enjoying being at home with my children these days....I am more calmer and content with it for some reason. I have been doing a lot of cooking and baking, over the holiday I baked everyday...well now that explains my 5lbs I can't get off... I have been decorating my house well the basement, refinishing furniture all of Austin's bedroom set which is 9 came out great I will send pictures, making curtains for my living room because I couldn't find any that were long enough that weren't $250 a panel, I think they turned out gorgeous....well see what Steve's mom says...she is the real test cuz she is the one who taught me how to sew in the right direction..DUH! I was having troubles with my machine and she came over to check it out well I was putting the fabric in the wrong way...I didn't know I could actually do that. Well I better get on with my day. Enjoy!

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Aunt Sandy said...

So nice to read about your family and how well everyone is doing. I can't believe Austin how big he is and changing so much! You do have your hands full that's for sure, you are doing a wonderful job raising those boys!

I love you
Auntie Sandy