Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gettin better its only been a little over 2 weeks now!

Halloween was so much fun...The boys dressed up like pirates. All Colton wanted to wear was the pants, the headband and the earing, NO shirts nothing that came with the outfit. And as soon as Colton was dressed he ran with the neighbor kids and we had to go looking for him. Kade was so happy just to sit on the doorstep and hand out candy to everyone...We ran out of candy had over 200 pieces. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. Austin of course went out with his friends as a hippie and at his candy the first night. He is worse than the little ones.

The other day I took Colton and Kade to storytime at the library and the narrator dressed up as a grandma with a white wig. Colton was standing over me and he was eye level with my hair and was looking at my grey hairs obviously..I thought he was gonna blurt out..YOU HAVE THE SAME HAIR COLOR AS MY MOM! That was my clue to make my appt. with the hairdresser for a highlight. Wow close call on that!

I have been having to hide all the halloween candy from even myself now...And the last place I hid it was over the microwave so Colton couldn't get at it. Well he found a way, he brought over the bar stool and then set the step stool on top of the bar stool for more height. He didn't even fall that looked so unstable if you asked me. He always shares a piece with Kade when he gets his counterband Kade will get in trouble too!

The other night the babies and I were taking a tub together...and I noticed my legs were getting to look less desirable as I am gracefully aging....NOT and I said to myself, "I am getting OLD", Colton then said and gonna die Mom and live with Heavenly Father? I said no honey I am justing getting older, like Grandma Barbara. OH well when you die, I want to go with you to live with Heavenly Father.....Kade goes not me, Dad and I will stay home.

Kade of course is still the same cute adorable little guy.

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