Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Baseball bliss

Today was a surreal day for some reason, watching my son play baseball, looking at him as a young man, had me reflecting back on the life that has lead him to his successes on the field, in school, in church, as a friend, and as a son. I know that it was not all nurture but, nature too that helped to shape him into the fine boy he is!  I am so proud to have my children, they bring me such happiness and such stress all within a minutes time too! Today was the last regular season game and of course they won both games...I believe they are 13 wins and 4 loses, not too bad. I will be glad when the summer baseball games begin so that I don't have to wear snow boot and a winter vest in May.

Austin playing first base!

On the mound!

There is something about watching your children playing sports, on stage, giving a talk, whatever it is, that brings you such a sense of pride and that was ever so present today watching Austin on the field.

After the game, I had to rush home, so did Austin, to attend a church fireside. Well, that feeling of pride and that I am in the right space, doing the right things theme continued to overwhelm me. I have never been to a fireside before and the speaker was the producer/writer of the movie, "The Other Side of Heaven", a fantastic LDS film. It testified to me that I am in the right place,  at the right time for the right reasons. Not that I was questioning it today in particular or anything...but there are days when I wonder if all my hard work
is worth the sacrifices I am making and yes it is, don't give up, get up and do the best you can each day, because one day the reward will be another moment you will be proud of as a mom, as today was for me. 
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secondchances said...

This truly brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful writing for Mother's Day. And yes! when you look at your children no matter what they do or do not do, saying funny things and not so funny things, you are filled with pride and joy and you know deep in your heart; you know that its worth every minute of joy, tears, pain, frustration and pride... its worth it.

Love, Mom