Thursday, December 28, 2006

2006 Christmas was Wonderful and White!

It was a great day even down to the 6 or so inches of snow we had. Colton said awesome to everything he got but surely his favorite item was his last minute request for a red snowboard. Well he got it and has taken it everywhere with him even to bed one night. The day after christmas we took him to the park and he proceeded to snowboard down the sledding hill that everyone else was sledding down. He has NO fear whatsoever and told me to watch out he was gonna go over the jump. His tongue was half hanging out of his mouth, he was full on ready to snowboard away. He is so much like me its too funny...after he opened each gift he took it to the place it needed to go..he got some computers games..he said, mom should I put these in the office? Ok sure son go ahead. Then he got some new underwear and he went right upstairs and put them in his underwear drawer. Carbon Copy Colton. I had rough night of sleep the other night and was sleeping on the couch in the morning and Colton comes down full of energy and yells MOM...I had my face under the covers and I looked up and said with a scowl apparently, WHAT? He gave me the meanest look and said, "Grouchy!!!!" and walked away.

Kade was just happy to open the gift not really that excited as to what he got or not. Opening the gifts were truly enough. Yesterday he bit Colton for taking his candy cane and I put him in timeout strapped in his booster seat, but forgot to make sure the booster was strapped to the chair, he got off the dining chair and was walking around with the booster seat strapped to him...I had to put my face in a towel to not laugh at him it was hysterical.

Austin got everything he wanted on his list except a watch he said..not bad since his b-day is in only 2 more least there is something left for me to buy. He has been snowboarding and absolutely loves it. Of course he is so athletic and great, but he needs a haircut so bad I hate looking at you will see from the pics I post. He is surely getting to be a teenager, we are gonna go at it one day he is sooooooooooooo sassy.

Santa Clause bought our family 2 snowmobiles for christmas. We went out the other day and I almost tipped it over on us....don't panic mom I am still learning its just like driving an ATV or motorcycle, its just getting used to it.

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