Sunday, October 04, 2009

How fast can we go?

We spent the weekend at "our Campinland" property out in Fruitland, it is going to probably be our last for the season and we sure ended with a bang. Our friends, came along and brought their 50cc dirt bike and 90cc four wheeler....well you might as well thought they belonged to my boys because as soon as they got a feel for those wheels, all they could do was take a bathroom break and they were on them again for 2 days straight. All we heard was, "I just barely got on it" from both of them...they were in the height of their glory. Its amazing to watch them from super cautious staying close to us, to riding down the hill, to around the loop, to saying lets go for a ride and you drive your own wheeler Mom and Dad. I am not ready for these little guys to grow up. Steve and I really enjoyed watching them ride.

On Sunday morning, Colton was up at 6am, ready to go for the day. He was super serious when he was riding, very focused too. Kaden on the other hand had the hugest smile on his face the entire time. Even when we were telling him firmly to stay on the right side of the road, he was still grinning. Kaden thought he was an expert much more than Colton, he kept asking if anyone wanted a ride, he did find a few takers...he made sure they held on nice and tight too!

Over the past few weekends, Steve has been building an outhouse on the property, as the one we were using has since been sold with the land (it was the neighbors). Its quite the master bath, larger in stature than one would expect for a outhouse. It has seating for 3, but we elected to only put one seat in there for privacy sake. Kaden wanted to be the first one to use it, sound effects and all, must say, works well! Its got plenty of ventilation but, Kaden thought it could use some more privacy so he started duct taping up all the open areas/holes. Its got character, but lets just say, I won't burden Steve with building our home ever. He did a great job considering he did it himself, well with a little help from of a 5 and 6 year old.

We love it up there, its so peaceful and serene. There was a full moon over the weekend, it was so clear and bright! My favorite part about camping is the fire, its so mesmerizing and calming to me. I think I sat most of the weekend, seriously, I know I did and enjoyed every second of it. We ate lots of treats....the best chocolate chip cookies to be had, homemade pumpkin pie and these awesome highly caloric puffed rice balls, mixed with sitting equals lots of motivation this week to be had at the gym. I am forgoing the scale till Wednesday when I have time to redeem myself.

On the way home it was quiet, we looked in the back seat and there we found Austin's friend, Jordan, with Austin & Colton resting their head on his shoulders, along with kitty asleep on Colton's lap. It was so cute. They were exhausted.


Aunt Sandy said...

There is nothing more peaceful then the outdoors...even an outhouse HA! I love the fire and I can watch it forever, as it dances and tells a story in my mind. You can truly work up an eating frenze but who cares...until you get on the scale :{...Enjoy when you can. The family will always remember the fun times you had.

Love to all Auntie.

secondchances said...

Wow; look at those boys go; I am shocked at how well they are doing. Colton will be riding a M/C soon enough;the weekend sounded great and I am glad you all had a great time; I can see Kaden patching those holes.

Love, Mom

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

I'm bummed we didn't get to make it up there due to the crummy weather but I'm so glad that we still were able to do dinner. I need to get your yummy cobbler recipe!