Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thank you for the Miracle of Life!

I had the great honor to be a part of the birth of my dear friend, Jen's little boy, Krew Michael on Saturday, October 10th. Not only did I get to be a part of the birth but I gave him his middle name, which has my name in it spelled backwards.

What an amazing experience it was. Jen wanted to have Krew naturally, after I had Avery naturally. We both had epidurals for our first three....why not go out with a bang I guess we both thought. I have never been on the other end..no pun intended there, of birth but I will say that it was a very neat experience. I am grateful for those who choose the medical field as a profession, including my wonderful & amazing sister who is a Nurse practioner and my stepmom who is the charge nurse of the Emergency room. Thank you! I think I like being a labor coach better than I would a nurse. I really thought after have 3 different doulas/labor coach myself, I was much different then they were, (no offense if you are reading this). I never said more positive, affirming things as I did for those 4 hours.....last night as I was going to bed, I was like you can do this Leah, close your eyes, its ok, breathe....in out.... allow yourself to sleep now LOL!

When Krew finally arrived I thought, he is gorgeous and I mean gorgeous. He has lots and lots of dark brown curly hair. That must have explained the bottle of Tum's Jen wouldn't go anywhere without. He was also huge....for a natural birth 8 lbs. 14oz. WAY TO GO JEN and only 2 pushes.

Jen said with every contraction, she visualized Krew sitting on a cloud surrounded by all of those relatives that have passed, waiting to push him off the cloud into the loving arms of those waiting below. I can't tell you how that touched me, I know my little Avery is up there amongst her other family and friends doing the same thing, cheering them on and telling them to say hi to her mommy and daddy. Avery was there on Saturday not only helping Jen but helping me to be ok with this process and not scared or angry, too continue processing lossing her. It was a healing experience. I had tears in my eyes when I saw Krew's head coming out but when I turned toward Jen and saw her face look like it was going to blow up, I had to refocus quickly, that was until I saw little Krew's finger when he was in the warmer.......I cried again because they looked exactly like Avery's fingers, when she held my finger in her warming bed. Symen, Jen's husband, put his arm around me, no words were said, just peace felt.

Jen, thank you for this chance to continue to heal my own heart and be a part of this new beginning, it's beyond words. I love you and am grateful you are part of my life. Thank you again for allowing me this opportunity to witness the miracle of birth. Your a stellar patient!


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Beautiful, Leah. This post made me cry. I am sure it must have been an emotional and sacred experience for you. I know that Avery was there with you.

By the way, I just found out my brother is going to name his baby girl Avery. I feel an instand bond with her because of your Avery. They are due in December.

Kyle and Alli said...

What an absolutely sacred experience this must have been! I bet you were a great labor coach!

secondchances said...

What a wonderful experience for you and for Jen; a wonderful friend you are; I am so happy you could heal some of pain of Avery's passing... I will always love that picture of her holding your finger. I love you my daughter.

Jen VanderLinden said...

Leah we were sisters in heaven and through our experinces here we have become sisters here on earth. I am so glad that Krew's birth was healing for you. I offten thought I was being selfish by asking you to there. Your beautiful eyes and Avery's picture hanging around your neck will be the things I remember from this beautiful day. Thank you for being there you are a amazing labour coach.

carolyn q said...

What an incredible woman you are. Truly amazing. I can't but think your sweet daughter was helping to usher in this little one to this mortal existance. You helping on one side of the veil and her on the other. A wonderful duo.


Brenna LaPray said...

What a great experience Leah. What a great friendship you two share. Shanna took pictures of little Krew and said he is beautiful! I can't wait to see them.

Sandy said...

What a wonderful experience that must have been for you Leah. Yes your Avery will be always with you giving you strength every step of the way.

Love you Auntie.