Friday, October 02, 2009

Look at this Palace aka "The new high school"

Wow, pictures don't do this place justice, its truly amazing, beyond words as well. But pictures will simply have to do.

Their home economics room....Its a full restaurant kitchen.
This is the agriculture and mechanics garage!

Broadcasting studio, YES, a real live studio.....

One of the three workout gyms!

The main gymnasium, with a running indoor track around the top!

Austin started 10th grade, yup, now a Sophmore! I remember when I thought sophmores were way older than me, of course, I was only in 7th grade. He is so growing up, literally and physically. I can't believe it, its really surreal to see it right before you eyes. He is if I might say so myself an awesome guy. Truthfully, I am not sure he realizes just how awesome he really is. He is handsome, smart, great athlete, beautiful skin color (no acne either), spiritual, caring, loving, polite and overall a pretty decent kid. Steve and I constantly, at least once a week have someone say something to us about how great of a kid he is. We don't always tell him but truly we are very thankful for our first to set such a great example for his siblings. I hope the others don't feel like they have a hard act to follow. I am not a bragger but I feel like I need to document this, as this is considered my journaling.

No wonder he likes to go to school, I took like 50 pictures, because I couldn't believe my eyes, I was floored with this place, I said where can I sign up to go back to school. The outside is just as amazing too! If you come out of high school with no direction, I am thinking you weren't paying attention, this place has so many options and choices for children these days. I am happy to pay my increased taxes for such an amazing job and honored my son can attend. I just hope the education matches this caliber.


Melissa said...

WOW! Al I know is that my high school was NOTHING like that!

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

That looks so much better than my high school did!! Austin is such a fantastic kid. So mature. What a blessing he is to your family. :) Can't wait to hang out tomorrow.

secondchances said...

I love Austin's High School; its a place you can't forget; oh to be able to go back and have that kind of opportunity; I sure hope each student takes advantage of it.

Austin is a wonderful young man; I am so proud of him too.

Love, Mom