Thursday, October 01, 2009

First Days of School

As fast as summer came and went, the first day of school seemed to come even faster. I was not prepared, not in anyway. I was excited about the fact that I could get a consistent schedule and have some free time everyday, but that was bittersweet, I miss them terribly when they are gone. Its quiet around here, very quiet!

Colton goes to first grade, alone, unassisted, bye mom, I can do it myself! No fear, nothing! Off he goes on his bike.

Kaden on the other hand started almost 2 weeks later at the same school, he is going into kindergarten. He wanted us to walk him in, stay there, and if he could that was the first and last day he ever wanted to go to school. He would much rather stay home with me, shopping, eating out to lunch, getting treats at the store to keep him from bugging me, relaxing watching Dora or simply being with his mommy.

Well school has been in session for just a month now and I find myself busy with my household jobs, but I still look forward to 3:30pm when my boys rolls in the driveway for a quick hello and they are off, to play, visit friends, afterschool activities, etc. Colton likes to stay homebound more than Kaden but its Colton who is off, to his friends house, I swear my friend must think she got another child overnight, as he always wants to be at their house. Well then Kaden is lonely, so he leaves too and goes out to play. Alone again, this house is so big, it echos and its just me breathing....LOL. I think come winter months, I will wish for them to be able to go outside and play again but for now as usual, I accept what is and work with it to the best it can be.


secondchances said...

How well I remember those days; it seems like yesterday; I was so sad looking at the pictures of the boys; grown up; in school; time passes so quickly; maybe its time to do some volunteer work at the schools; they would love the help.
Love, Mom xoxo

Aunt Sandy said...

That school is awesome, I want to go there...Windham just built our high school but it's gorgeous as well...thanks to our taxes :{

Your boys are all so handsome and they are growing up fast. I agree time goes by way too fast. Keep up the good work Mom & Dad.

Love Auntie