Sunday, September 20, 2009

Summer fun happens too fast!

Campinland sitting around the "family room" aka fire pit.
Kaden jumping off diving board in St. George
Colton doing it after he saw his brother, he felt it was safe to try it!
Love the skater look
Or the biker look?
Or the no fear I can do any ride look?

Over the July 4th holiday, the boys and I got into the van for a road trip to see Grandma Barbara in Santa Rosa, California. We spent a week there, had lots of fun, shopped, ate good food, and enjoyed the entertainment California provides. We went to Six Flags, Discovery Kingdom, the little boys wanted to go on rides that they clearly were much to little to ride. So the ones they could ride, they rode and rode and rode. I was dizzy watching them. Colton is much to big for his body and brain. To say the least, we got our moneys worth there. We celebrated Kaden's 5th birthday in California as well, he got to go mini golfing for his party. He was a hacker but didn't know the difference, he was thrilled with a hole in 203 strokes...who is keepin score anyway?

Austin played baseball for what seemed like 12 months, and had a pretty good season. Grandma and Grandpa were able to watch him play a bunch of times, and he "girl" friends in the neighborhood and buddies also watched him play, of course those games he was not playing his best, those dang nerves. His brothers loved going to the games and many days they would dress up as a baseball player and emulate him at the park. They truly idolize their big brother.

Grandpa and Grandma Hallows embarked on a journey we never saw coming from them, they went on an LDS Mission to Independence, Missouri Visitor Center and Carthage Jail. We are so happy and proud of their sacrifice to serve. They left on July 6 for the MTC and left for Independence a few weeks later, all when Mom was sick with Pneumonia and didn't even know it. She is trooper. They were supposed to work in the Mission Office but after training in the Visitor Center for a while, their true specialties came out and Mom really has the knack to strike up a conversation with just about anyone, no really they thought that it was a great fit for them to be there and the Mission President changed their assignment, they of course were thrilled.

We made it home in time for Dad's 38th on July 13th! He said this one was a hard one to digest. I guess we aged a lot this year with the loss of Avery and all that we had been through, although I still feel like 29, oops did I mention I turned a year older on June 4th. Moving on.....our anniversary of 8 years was on July 28th. We celebrated it somehow, just can't remember...oh ya we went somewhere fun right....honey help, what did we do..this is when my calendar comes in handy and that aging thing takes over.
We went to our St. George condo a few times this summer oh yes, that is what we did for our anniversary, see its all coming back to me...with the kids but we sure enjoyed them. Steve bought us concert tickets for Def Leppard and Nickelback for Mother's day and Father's Day this year but he tried to say they were our anniversary present as well, I didn't buy it...he always tries to stretch the gift, pretty soon is was gonna be my Christmas present too!

We also enjoyed our Campinland a lot this year as well! Although someone broke into our trailer this year, not much damage, took our surround sound, a bunch of DVD's and ruined the door but that didn't stop us from catching lizards and bringing them home to our kitchen floor for further enjoyment and entertainment. We did some geo caching with some friends for the first time and I loved it. Its hiking with a purpose.

It seemed like every weekend was filled with some activity that kept us truly entertained, engaged and exhausted. We loved every minute of it and wouldn't trade our craziness for anything in the world. Well Steve might, but not me. Enjoy and I promise, I will get better at this blogging thing.


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Thanks for the reference to the family blog. you guys have been busy!! Looks like fun.

Can't wait for Saturday, I got the chid care situation worked out so I will be there for pedi's and lunch for sure!

secondchances said...

Love your new blog; its pretty; and you write very well :) You were very busy over the summer; that is great since you only get about 5 months of good weather and 3 of those months are rainy spring :)

Love, Mom

Rory and Tosha Sargent said...

hey hope all is well with you guys. hopefully someday we can all get together.

Aunt Sandy said...

Glad you are back on the Family blog. I know you have to really do a lot of things in the Summer months...because Winter is so long :{ Sounds like you had a great time.

Love Auntie