Thursday, April 09, 2009

Colton is 6 going on 16!

Wow time flies by, the last time I wrote on this blog was Austin's 15th birthday, almost 2 months ago. I think I might combine Avery's blog and this blog together, so I only have to do one update not 2.

Colton got a scooter for his birthday, I was trying to read the directions to put it together and he practically had it all put together before I was done reading. He is so mechanical it amazes me. I ask him to do things that I can't do. He is brilliant in that department. There is a skate park by the baseball fields where Austin plays and we took the scooters there today for the boys to play....yup this is the going on 16 part. He was riding that scooter like he has done it many a times before. He was even dressed like a skater, much to my dismay. He had on Austin's black football jersey, black pants, black sneakers, black helmet, with a purple and white shell necklace. A sight for sore eyes in my opinion but he thougth he looked cool. As Kaden would say, I want to wear my "dude" pants that have rips in the knees. They hang out with their older brother too much.

I told the boys to not go in the skate park without me....Colton obeyed me for once but Kaden didn't...I go over there and he says, "I went in the skate park on accident Mom!" We told the boys we were filming a skate movie so they were showing off with their best moves, Kaden did a wheelie high, he called it!

As we were trying to watch Austin play baseball. Austin is playing left field and pitches. He had a great day hitting today, a single, a double and a triple but no outfield action, he said he was bored out there. They won both games though.

These boys make me a very happy mommy, they give me something to smile about everyday, it makes life so worth it!


Anonymous said...

Oh how I can see Colton doing the skater thing. Those young boys are so full of engery so so funny to boot. I am happy they give you so much joy and love..all three of them really adore you and Steve. That is what families are all about. Love, Mom xoxo

Aunt Sandy said...

I bet every day is a new experience for you, never a dull moment! That's what families are all about, stop and enjoy every minute and soak it all in! They are handsome boys...well look at there Mom & Dad. Love to All.

Heidi Ann said...

STILL waiting for the rad pink hair photos!!