Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break in Florida....blissful!

It was a long day at the Dallas Airport.....5 hour layover!  Thank goodness for electronic devices to occupy boys minds and fingers!

We had a relaxing first day at the pool well the mini waterpark at the resort!  The kids played mini golf, swam, paddled in the lake, looked for lizards and bugs!

We went to Seaworld, my favorite place....I think it was a hit with everyone truthfully!

Those animals are so talented, well the trainers are I guess!  It was fascinating to watch what they can do!  I have always loved Seaworld! 

My mom is not a roller coaster rider.....this is the kiddy one, she handled it very well!

The boys inside the tub of a fishtank!

This picture is so sweet, brothers waiting for the show in the "Splash Zone"  the insisted, I sat somewhere else of course.....

We went to Hollywood Studios Disney park with my brother's family and also my mom!  This was waiting for the ride Toy Story!  We rode it twice it was way cool!

Kaden loved 5 and Kaden thought since he is smaller and younger he was going to be the caretaker of him.

Landon 5, Miles 7, Colton 8 and Kaden 6....the cousins!

The stunt show was the best show at the park....we totally digged this action pack show that demonstrated how they do chases and crashes in the movies!  The boys, big and small, were so enthralled with this!

Steve and Austin went to ESPN sports center one afternoon, Mom and I went shopping! 

The best day for me was right here, Indian Rocks Beach.  My brother's inlaws have a close by the beach and we spent the day there...not nearly long enough at all! 

The boys loved digging in the sand...we could have skipped all the other places and just came here and it would have been their fav!

It was enjoyed by all I think!

Grandma Barbara and the 5 grandsons!

The whole was so much fun....until we meet again!
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Boswella said...

What a great blog....:) It brought it all much fun...come back soon..I miss you all very much.

Love, Mom xoxoxoxo

Aunt Sandy said...

Sorry I missed it, I know I should have gone :( but it sounds like it was non-stop and a little hectic for glad everyone had fun and finally were all together, great pictures.