Friday, June 08, 2012 over!

 Wasatch High School Baseball

Well the ride is finally over, its bittersweet to say the least!  I loved watching my son and nephew play ball but, well lets just say that was the best part!  I am now onto watching the younger boys play and that is what baseball is all about having a good time and watching these boys progress and grow! 

Austin and Mason
Austin's biggest fans
Allstar Game
Can't forget the black eye ball to the right cheek!
Austin had some good games and not so good games but overall he pitched really well this year and was nominated by his team as the pitcher of the year!  But he is hanging up his uniform, his hat and retired his bag to his little brother, Colton along with this letter to him that he wrote after his last game. 

Austin's letter to Colton

Austin the successes in your life are not on the field, those are only temporary successes that get you to the next journey.  We love you so much and are so impressed with all your accomplishments on and off the field! 

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Grandma of Five Boys said...

I had to swallow hard several times as I looked at the pictures and several more times when I read that letter Austin wrote to Colton. With all their fighting over the years there is a deep brotherly love. It sure is hard to grow up but I believe the trick is to hold on to the "kid" which is in all of us and allow that KID to be present each day.
Austin; you are a champion.
Love, Mom/Grandma B