Tuesday, January 26, 2010

These are the days we will remember forever!

We had a wonderful Family Home Evening last night, we talked about how Grandma and Grandpa Hallows are serving a mission in Independence, Missouri and what happened to Joseph Smith. The kids are so much smarter than we think, just sitting still and being quiet you will probably find that out about your own children as well. Colton was in charge of the song, so of course, he gets my itouch, puts on Van Halen, we all dance around the living room, swinging, laughing and really making fools of ourselves, but enjoying every minute of it. Steve had an epiphany as all that was happening, he said, you know that these fun evening spent as a family will be soon turn into memories for our children. Last year, I had ordered some vinyl lettering and had the saying, "these are the days we will remember forever" put on the wall, for times just like this. Its the little things that make the big picture so wonderful. We ended our night playing hide and seek, Kaden picked that game....Colton had a great hiding place, as you can see, in the pantry. I am sure he was eating in there too!

A few years ago, I bought my friend a set of angel cards, she said they were actually her first set, she later confessed. When Avery died and became an angel, she gave those cards back to me and they have been sitting in my guest room. I use them once in a while, but lately I have been using them more and the boys like to use them to...Well they play with them and the other day, Kaden, now to be known as only Kade, (He has asked us that we now refer to him as Kade, not Kaden.) wanted to draw a card, I told him to ask the angels a question. He looked puzzled like huh? why? What does it do? He did, then he was playing with the cards, I was making the bed, cleaning up around there, and he was asking me to spell words out for him. I wasn't paying much attention to it but he was asking me to spell out what he wanted to ask his angel. He said he picked angel Isabella, cuz he only likes pretty angels. I have the note of what he wrote and will treasure its innocence forever.

"Angel Isabella, we need are baby back any day close two today"

Ugh that brings me to tears still everytime I see it. He is so precious and sweet, he makes it so much more tolerable to deal with the loss of Avery. Today, we had to go to the dentist, and its right near the mortuary, I was tearful, remembering my last hours holding her were spent there. I am really doing well, but grief doesn't go away entirely it just gets a little easier. I had tears in my eyes, when we were getting out of the car, and Kade gently wiped my eyes and said, do you get sad when we talk about Avery, no I replied, do you? No, it makes me happy, he said. Truly it makes me happy too, she is my child and always will be, so of course I enjoy talking about her. What parent wouldn't?


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Every time I drove by that mortuary I think of you at Avery's viewing. Didn't know you that well yet, but I felt such a strong bond and love for you there. I can't believe it's been almost a year. She truly is an angel. Love you.

Jen VanderLinden said...

Kade is the sweetest little guy. He has such a soft heart. When I look at Krew if often think about Avery and the friendship they share. Love you!

secondchances said...

The first day I arrived at your house to watch the boys as you and Steve went to Missouri my heart was so so heavy. It was the first time I had been back to your house since Avery became an angel and even the house felt heavy. But it passed as I gazed at the pictures of Avery. When we went to the cemetry I really felt better; Kade helped me to connect to her thru his sweetness. Oh bless their hearts; each boy is so wonderful and tender; and how they love so easily.

Love, Mom