Tuesday, February 09, 2010

2010 State Swim Meet

I am sorry, look at this kid, he is a stud. That body is amazing!
We were up above the pool and Kaden called down to him to look at us!

This was the pool at BYU, it was an really neat experience to be in there.

The team captains get in a huddle before the meet, jump up and down chanting...its exhilarating!

Getting ready for the Breaststroke!

This swim meet was my first one, last year he was only an alternate but this year he swam in three events, the 200 Relay, the breaststroke and freestyle. I am not sure where he got his swimming ability since, I can't swim, my mom can't swim, my grandmother couldn't swim and even my great grandmother couldn't swim. Must have been from his dad's side of the family. His dad could do every sport with such excellence, I think that is where he gets that from....but of course the body and good looks must have come from me. hehe

Overall the girls and boys teams are stars in my eyes but, this year they proved it with taking 2nd in the State Championship. The took 2nd last year too and were hoping to take 1st but Park City who they beat in the Regional Championship just the week before came up with more points. It was the most fun I have had ever watching a swim meet, as they tend to get monotonous. My throat was killing me, towards the end, its SO close you are yelling at every race hoping they place. I am so proud of my son who did so well even though he didn't think so. He is swimming faster and better than those who have swam for years....this is only his second year with no formal training ever and he is in state....he may not have won any title this time but he looked hot trying. Way to go Austin, I am so proud of you.

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Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

He looks like Micheal Phelps in the making... what a stud! Kind of scary for you, I bet, the girls will be drooling over him!

Jen VanderLinden said...

I agree with Shannan, watch out for the girls. Way to go Austin, you are a stud.

secondchances said...

What a good looking grandson that Austin is. and He is such a natural sportsman. :)

Stay away from the girls for now.. they will cause you to NOT pay attention to your sports.

Love Grandma

Dennison Family said...

Wow! Way to go! I didn't know he was so talented!