Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Break....St. George 2010

As most know, I absolutely love St. George! So do my boys, we had a great time with terrific weather too! The little boys and I went down with Kiki and her girls.  Kiki and I were both on the go, ready to not waste time sitting around, we did more in three days than I do in a week there alone, it was great times.  Steve and Austin came down mid week since he had baseball games and Steve couldn't take off the whole week and I was not about to wait at home in the cold weather for them. We hiked, played tennis, swam, explored and had great fun playing nonstop! We went into a store down there and the boys thought it was the coolest thing to get their very own shopping carts, I agreed until they started filling them up with things they wanted ME to buy! It was so cute, I am sure you can agree...look at how happy Colton looks.

There was a Jumping Place so went there when the weather was cooler, I even took a dive through that little whole there, if you look closely, those are my legs, Colton was photographing!

We also got haircuts down there too...amazing what intrigues a boy in a hair salon? It was the hit of the place....there was some extreme fighting going on as to whose turn it was next. I thought it would make for some great blackmail in years to come.
For as many years as we have been going to St. George, the Wildlife Museum, never really sparked my interest......but with a coupon to get in FREE, I thought its worth a shot. To my surprise and boys too, we really enjoyed it. There were stuffed animals from all over the world in there, big and small, cute and scary. There was even a dress up area for kids to put on some hunting attire...Colton was happy to model that for us here. He is a ham sometimes, but other times he runs when I get out the camera.
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A bunch of Austin's friends were in St. George for spring break and they had so much fun together, a bunch from his swim team and baseball team.  They were affectionately know as the "ST. Jorge Amigos". 
Sad its over as I know that Spring has not really arrived back in Heber and if my place was not rented out, I would have kept the kids out of school another week and literally waited out the storm or storms.

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secondchances said...

How I missed this blog I will never know....I just loved the beauty parlor picture.. oh will that look good on the board of pictures when he gets married!!!!!!
You make every vacation extra special with your FREE stuff; KIKI said she had a blast and so did the girls.

Love, Mom