Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What has been keeping us busy this summer......

olton wanted to have a lemonade stand, I finally allowed it to happen...although he wasn't satisfied with just selling lemonade. He started to bring out items of his that he was going to sell to earn more money. He had some old sneakers, a water gun, bike pegs, and some soccer gloves. It was hilarious, I thought for sure he is my son! Earning a buck or two! Not a bad trait to pass on if I might say so myself.

He has quite a consumer crowd, it was a lucrative sale he thought with $12 earned!


One Sunday afternoon we went to the lake by our house and Austin went for a canoe ride, he sure has had some fun in the water this summer as you while soon see. I thought this was hilarious...he borrowed Colton's snorkling set and too small life vest! He has a great sense of humor.
Austin and I went to Youth Conference with our church this year, it was such an amazing experience, we both felt so spiritually filled but I guess that wasn't enough for Austin.  This video is of him jumping of a 25 foot cliff in Flaming Gorge. 


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Sounds like Colton takes after his momma and will be a garage sale guy. :) It was fun to see you today! Thanks for calling and inviting me.

Boswella said...

Oh I loved that the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree! and he made $12 to boot. How sweet is that.

The video was scary! to me. Ugh! I worry about everything.

Your summer sounds just about perfect!

Love, Mom

Boswella said...

and I forgot to mention Austin's funny canoe ride. I just love his sense of humor. It is a wonderful trait to have.

Love, Mom