Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Kaden the big 6!




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Kaden and Colton had their combined birthday party last week on Kade's actual birthday...selfishly it was more for me as 20 kids at my house is enough to stress me out fully! Its over, we are all happy and the kids had a blast! We rented a 32 foot waterslide and they played on that thing and jumped on the tramp for hours. The kids are so cute, no one was afraid of it either, which suprised me as it was a bit high when you are only 2-3 feet high yourself.

Colton picked out the cake, but Kaden enjoyed it the most as you can see from the picture.

Kaden has been such a blessing to us, he is the sweetest one in the family by far...he loves to be the peacemaker, the tattler, the one that wants to go to church, the one that will break down and share, the obedient one...we sure came to us, we love you sweet boy!

We asked Kaden if he could please not turn 6? I said your 6 now on the morning of his birthday and he said, "no, I am not 6 until after I eat my cake!"

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Boswella said...

Oh how sweet is that Kaden! I am so touched by his thoughts.. I am not six until I eat the cake. I will pass that on; So precious those boys are..

Love, Mom